Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wilson is a sponsor (and his mommy, too!)

Do you know who Wilson is?

He's just adorable.

And he is an Official Quilt Helper.
Here is a picture of Wilson:

(Isn't he precious?)
And here is Wilson and his mom, Cindy:

You can tell there's a lot of love there!

Cindy is a talented lady, and she gets lots of help from Wilson. He is a foot-warmer, a cuddler, and inspiration for projects, too! (We'll show you that, later!)

Quilt Doodle Doodles is a fun place, where Block of the Month designs are available for this year's quilt; it's a winter themed project, and it is so stinking cute! Ya gotta see it! Click on that linkie and you can hop over there to see it!

I love Cindy's Doodlettes . . . small projects for instant (or almost instant) gratification!
Here is what Cindy tells us about them:

Little applique patterns that add a bit of fun and whimsy to your quilt projects. So many possibilities on how to use these little sweeties. Let your imagination go! Put them on a tea towel. Or on a pillow, quilt square, pillowcase, apron or place mat. The skies the limit, have fun! Doodlettes are the perfect size for mailing in a birthday card to your quilting friends.

Look how cute!

You can order these patterns from her Etsy shop, which is at this link, or over at Craftsy, which you can get to by clicking this link.

This talented quilter and designer also has an adorable line of patterns for all of you camping afficianados! Campers, tents, and more!

Cindy is offering two packaged Wilson patterns -- one to each of two lucky winners! Yay!!! Check this out:

I hope you will stop by her blog and see what is happening there. She and Wilson always have some quilty fun going on! Drop by and leave her a comment, and tell her thanks for sponsoring!

(Blowing kisses) Thank you, Quilt Doodle Doodles! Thank you for sponsoring our Pets on Quilts Show for 2014!



  1. I've always loved her designs, they're so warm and whimsical.

  2. Ah, such fun little pieces. I love the Wilson pattern.

  3. I am doing her BOM and am really enjoying it!


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