Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pet show blog post guidelines (UPDATED)

Padsworth hopped up here and reminded me that we need to elucidate, er, illuminate, er, tell you about the rules for our upcoming linky party! (He loves those many-syllable words, even when a short one will do!)

On the 2nd, our linky party will open, and you will have the opportunity to link to a blog post, or to a Flickr photo.

Here are some guidelines to keep the party happy:

      1.  Make certain that you link to that particular blog post,
           not just the "Home" or the "Splash" page of your blog.
           We want the hoppers to be able to easily land
           on the post that features your pet or pet-themed quilt.
      2.  Be sure to have a "backlink." By that, we mean that
           you will have a link in your post (or your Flickr
           description) that hoppers can click to go right back to
           the linky party fun!

      3.  Yes, you may mention a giveaway you are hosting
           in your post.

      4.  Please make sure to stop in at the Lilypad every day,
           and see who has joined the fun. You will be given the
           chance at the party close, to say that you left comment
           love for all of the participants! That will earn another
           entry in the drawings!

      5.  Please be certain to follow the "Thumper Rule" as you
           leave your comments . . . leave positive and kind words
           behind you when you leave. (Grin)

      6.  Be sure that you state which category your entry is to
           be considered in -- this is for the viewers' choice awards.
           GACK! I need to tell you the categories, don't I? (Grin)
           OK, here you go: dog or pup on quilt, cat or kitten on
           quilt, other animal on quilt, and then dog-themed, cat-
           themed, or other animal-themed quilts!

      7.  If you would like to have two entries, please separate
           them into two blog posts, or a blog post and a Flickr
           photo (or two Flickr photos). No more than two entries
           per person, OK?  OK!

If you follow these guidelines, I can assure you that we will all have a great time at the party! This time, the party will last for ten days, so it's going to be a wowser!



  1. Where is the list of catagories? I can't seem to locate it!

  2. I was wanting to double check on the categories also. Will the pet themed quilts be in a separate category from the pets on quilts this year? Will there be a cats, dogs and other category too?

  3. What category would you put a dog with a dog themed quilt?


  4. Oh cute! We just got two new pets (baby girl rats) about two weeks ago. No pet themed quilts yet but maybe I'll have one done for the future :)

  5. I wrote my blog post today telling everyone about the show and I added your button to the side bar.

  6. My puppy Hank is raring to go (but then he always is)

  7. It promises to be a meowsing good time.

  8. How many days do we have to link up? I was hoping to have my new quilt finished, but it looks like it will be a few more days...

  9. love seeing all the pets on quilts.
    fun fun


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