Friday, July 18, 2014

A post from Moses (the Studio Cat)

Hi everybody, it's my turn to post!

It's me, Moses!  (I'm the handsome one in the middle!)

We have a wonderful new sponsor for our Pets on Quilts Show -- I think this one is MY favorite!

Just wait until you see! You'll know why I like it so much!

Our new sponsor is a fabulous shop that is devoted to making kitties like me comfortable!

Please meow a warm welcome to The!!

I'm as happy as a kitten in a catnip patch about this site -- as the site says, "Your cat will figure it out!"

TheCatBall is so awesome! Listen to what the owner/designer says:
The Cat Ball is a cave style bed for your kitty, with thickly padded walls to help keep your cat warm and comfortable. The unique Cat Ball design has six sides and two openings, allowing your cat to launch sneak attacks against prey, such as your other cat. 

(Or any froggie or dragon that might happen to walk by.)

The unique Cat Ball was designed in the USA by a woman, and is a small, but growing business. She uses some of the coolest fabrics around -- check out the pictures here and on the site!

She is sponsoring prizes for THREE winners in our random drawings, after our Pets on Quilts Show!

She uses the scraps from making the Cat Balls to make adorable catnip mousies! (Or is that meeces?)

Her kitty is a willing model, to show us some of the mousies!

Our three USA winners will each receive TWO meeces, er, mousies for their pet!

And here is some great news! If you visit the site and want to order one of the awesome Cat Balls or Canoe Beds, you can use this coupon code:


And you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase!  (And that includes any international sales!) Personally, I am using my super-duper-mental-powers to influence Snoodles to get one for me! Ya think it will work?

I hope you will stop by and like her Facebook page, too, and give her some snuggles, since she is truly a Nice Person who makes wonderful things for kitties!

(Blowing kisses) Thanks so much,, for being a sponsor of our August show!




  1. Thanks to The Cat Ball for being a sponsor.

  2. Hey Moses. Sneak attacks? Count me in! Smitty.

  3. That is wonderful and I hope your super duper kitty powers work and you get one too.


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