Wednesday, July 30, 2014

One more sponsor! The Art of Home!

If you have been hopping around here with us for a while, you know we are crazy for Jacquelynne Steves' designs and fabrics. Her color palette and whimsical animals just make us happy!

This is her new line, just introduced; it will be in your fav store in January . . . love the colors, and the panel is adorable. I've got you dreaming up a new quilt, don't I? (Grin) I know I am, cos I see a kitty on there! Squeee!

      (This is a sneak peek at her upcoming BOM -- you definitely want to get in on that fun this fall!)

Her blog is full of wonderful ideas and projects for food, fabrics and fun, and her shop offers some drool-worthy fabrics and lovely patterns to use with them!

              (That's her new pup, Alfie, enjoying one of the quilts you will find featured on the site.)

I hope that you will hop over to sign up for her Art of Home Companion (on the right-hand side), and you won't miss a single issue -- every so often Jacquelynne will send out a FREE dreamy, color e-magazine that will inspire you, for sure!

I know, I know, you want me to cut to the chase and tell you about the prize!  Well, Jacquelynne is providing an awesome prize bundle for one lucky US winner! (Shipping charges are nuts, these days!)
Check this out: the prize is a scrumptious fat quarter bundle of "Happy Town" fabric, a package of lovely note cards, and three quilt patterns!  (Retail value is $70.)

 Did I mention that at The Art of Home, there is a helpful Studio Cat, just like at the Lilypadquilting studio? Welcome Maddie to the show! (Clapping)

I hope that you will welcome Jacquelynne as a sponsor, and show her how much you appreciate her support of the Pets Show! Hop over to her site and click to sign up for her free e-magazine!

We surely could not have this fun show and linky party and award all these prizes, if we didn't have our awesome, pawesome sponsors!   

 Be watching this fall for that FREE BOM that she'll be offering, too, cos that looks like a lot of quilting fun and merriment!  
(Waving) Padsworth is blowing you a kiss, Jacquelynne! Thanks for supporting our Pets Show!



  1. I get her e magazine. Looking forward to the BOM

  2. I too am already signed up. Great mag.

  3. I am already signed up and LOVE it!

  4. love all her patterns and new fabric.

  5. I'm already signed up for her e-mag. The BOM coming this Fall should be fun!

  6. I'm already a fan of her's and get her e-magazine and follow her on FB. Can't wait for the BOM.

  7. Already get her e-mag and love the fun, inspiring ideas.

  8. I just signed up for her e-mag and look forward to reading it. It looks lovely. Thanks!

  9. I am already signed up for her emag. I love her site and I plan on doing that BOM.


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