Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hoffman Batiks is back for more Pet Show fun!

Hello everyone!
We're proud to announce that Hoffman Fabrics has agreed to sponsor our Pet Show again this year!
Our contact is the lovely Michelle, at Hoffman, and she is offering these Bali Pops from their new collection . . .

Be. Still. My. Heart.
Oh, these are gorgeous! Have you got a Kleenex handy? I have a feeling you are going to need to wipe your keyboard!
These are the 7th collection of Pops, and they've named them for birds! They aren't even in the shops yet -- they'll be arriving in October.

One lucky winner will win this assortment, named Parrot. Lots of greens and blues here:

Another lucky winner will be receiving Lorikeet -- lots of orange, aqua, and plum in this one!  (Oh, how I love this one! "Wuv, twue wuv!")

Hummingbird (purple and aqua) will be won by one of our random drawing winners! 

Michelle will be sending Sandpiper (aqua and cream) to yet another lucky winner!

Look at Cockatiel, with peach, gray, and yellow! 

There's one more: Sparrow, which is a gorgeous mix of browns and tans.
Six lovely selections of Bali Pops!
Now, in October, the rest of us will be able to get these colorways at our favorite shops, in Pops, and in Bali Crackers (10x10 squares) and in Bali Snaps (5x5 squares).

Have you ever wondered just how these beautiful fabrics are made? You are in for a treat -- you can check out the entire process at the new Hoffman blog. It's all about their design inspiration, and you can read posts about the Hoffman art director, Linda Fitch, and her first visit to the factory in Bali!
You'll learn all about the fabrics and how they make them, and it's such fun to see! 

Did ya know? Hoffman Fabrics is a family owned business, and they are celebrating their 90th year in 2014! From Rube, their founder, to sons Philip and Walter, and the rest of the entire Hoffman team, they are all about being the finest producer of beautiful batik fabrics that make quilters' hearts sing!

Congratulations, Hoffman California - International Fabrics!  And thank you for being a sponsor of our Pets on Quilts show!




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  2. Yaay for Hoffman Batiks. they are completely droolworthy

  3. I looove Hoffman fabrics - mopped up my keyboard and waiting with baited breath...

  4. You have many wonderful sponsors. Quilt Doodles would love to offer a prize and sponsor Pets On Quilts 2014 please email me at cindy at quiltdoodledesigns dot com

  5. Wow those are beautiful! Each one I scrolled to I thought to myself was the one I wished to win. Then I'd get to the next one & change my mind and want that one instead. I love them all!!


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