Monday, July 7, 2014

The sponsors keep coming! (And we love 'em!)

Announcing another sponsor for our show!

We love all of our sponsors, and we're so happy when they enjoy our show and come back for another year! Marcia, of Crafty Sewing and Quilting, is an awesome long arm quilter, and a creative pattern writer, too. I think we must be kindred spirits, for as she says, "Quilting is my thing. When I'm not quilting, I'm thinking about quilting!" (Hey, what's not to like, right?)

On her site, you can see gorgeous examples of her craftsmanship. She really does lovely work, and has a heart for making each quilter's dreams come true.

You can see she has a heart for our show, too. One of the cuties above (Gabby, on the right) has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, but they were Very Good Quilt Helpers; now Toby continues to assist Marcia!
Marcia has loads of resources on her Craftsy page, and her blog is very informative, with tutorials, examples of projects, and much more!
I'm excited to announce that Marcia is sponsoring THREE prizes! Three lucky winners will be able to choose one pattern from these six on her site, or a mix of patterns adding up to the $8 prize:
                                                       Summer Tomatoes Quilt Pattern
                                                            Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern
                                                              Textures Quilt Pattern

                                                   Quilted Checkbook or Calendar Pattern

                                                           Quilted Pocket Purse Pattern
                                                      Turning a Quilt into a Purse Pattern
Marcia is generously offering some free patterns, as well. Check out these pretty blocks!

                                                      Free Paper Pieced Crazee Patch Heart

                                                     Free Twisted Rail Fence Quilt Block

Let me clarify, here. On Marcia's Craftsy Pattern Store page, you will see lots and lots of patterns. Some are less than $8 each, and some cost exactly $8. Marcia will allow her winners to choose whatever they desire, for a total of $8 per winner! Thanks, Marcia!

I hope that you will click on the links in this post and go "meet" Marcia! She is a wonderful member of our virtual quilting community, and an awesome sponsor for our show!

(Waving) We love you, Marcia!

More show news tomorrow!




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