Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How the Pets on Quilts Show works!

We've had several requests for instructions on how the Pet Show works, so we thought we'd post today and give some guidelines.

You can click on this link and look at last year's show. It's a linky party, and each of the entries is a thumbnail photo that links back to a blog post or a picture on Flickr.

That's how we roll when we start our party. You come to the Lilypadquilting blog any day of the week that we accept entries (August 11th through August 17th) and you join the linky party.

You can have one entry on a blog post, and a different entry that is a picture on your Flickr photostream. I know that some of you can probably have way more than two entries, but we have to draw the line somewhere! (Grin)

When you add your linky to the party, you will need the URL of your blog post (not just to your blog, but to the actual post that you write and show your furbaby on your quilt, or a animal-themed quilt). In the case of the Flickr photo, you can add the photo in the linky party and note the URL you get from Flickr when you tell it you want to "share" your photo. 

It also is mandatory to include a "backlink" in your post. By that I mean that you will have a link that your viewers can click on, that will bring them right back here to the merriment and mayhem at the Lilypad! Then they can just click to come back to the party. It makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the show!

Now, as we have alluded, these photos can be of your dog, cat, hedgehog, igauna, or other pet, posed on, under, or beside a quilt that you have made. In our experience, our furbabies just love to inspect our quilts, and sometimes feel that we have created them just for their comfort and napping pleasure! So it won't be hard to snap a cute photo.

(Photo courtesy of

Your entries can also be quilts that you have made, that feature an animal or groups of animals. That way, you don't have to actually own a furbaby to join in the fun!

We will have many different categories, and you will need to indicate in your post which category you feel best describes your entry:
  • Cat on Quilt
  • Dog on Quilt
  • Other pet on Quilt
  • Pet-themed quilt
  • EQ designed quilt
  • Art quilt
We will provide prizes for the ones in these categories that receive the most viewers' votes, and award them the title "Best (cateogry) in Show"!!

There will also be random drawings for other prizes, and you earn entries in several ways:
  • Entry in show 
  • PR blog post before or during show (spread the word so more folks join in)
  • Vote for your favorites
  • Leave (nice) comment-love for each entry in the show
  • Spread the word via Facebook or Twitter
  • Make a pet blankie or bed and post a photo on Padsworth's Project page (this one earns TWO entries)
  • Follow here at the Lilypad

See? Lots of ways to win! And we have a long list of awesome prizes, too!

We will let everyone have a week to link up, and then the linky party will close. That's when the voting begins. We allow a week for that, too, and we'll keep a careful tally of the results!

After we have a chance to check our numbers twice and let Mr. Random do his job, we will announce our winners. It usually doesn't take too long after the show.

Now, if I have left out anything at all, please let me know, and I will try to answer your questions. We are hopping with excitement for the show to begin!

I'm linking up with Kathryn at the Thursday Favorite Things hop, and with Gaye, her co-host, too!



  1. I am so glad that the voting is after next week because I am going to be out of town all next week! LOL I'm working on my post now! Okay, so can Ihave one entry on my blog post, and then some other cute pictures too? Or do I limit it to one picture? With nine cats I have a ton of pictures! LOL

  2. Thanks for the guidelines really appreciate it. Now I just need to pick the category.

  3. Can we enter more than one category?

  4. So we can enter one picture in a blog post and one on Flicker? that is a total of two photos.

  5. darn I need a quilt LOL Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  6. I have been saving up my cute photos of my can on quilts! How do I choose?!?!?

  7. Oh and where do we tell you that we have blogged about it and shared on FB?

  8. Great post. I love the 2 dogs on the quilt.
    Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    It's great to have you party with us.
    Also new follower via GFC and Bloglovin

    Angel @

  9. That was super helpful, thanks for the clarification. Kitty and I are looking forward to it :)

  10. I used several pictures to "introduce" my cats, but only picked one as my official entry, is that okay? Or do I need to go back and delete some photos? I just was not sure if one entry meant one picture or one post. Sorry.

  11. Hi, on the post the first picture is marked for the entry, is that ok?
    I would like very much to take part in your pet show! Thank you.


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