Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yay!!!! A finish!!!

In the midst of all our preparations for the Pet Show, I managed to finish my Apple of My Eye table topper! 


You may remember that this is from Jolie Maxtin's pattern (she was so sweet to even send me a template!) from the Mug Rug Hop....and I had even more help from Jackie when I needed some fabric for the bias binding!  Thanks, ladies!

Here is my finished topper:

Here is a closer peek at the bias binding:

I'm loving the back just as much as the front!

I love polka dots!

What have you been up to, this weekend?

More merriment and mayhem coming up this week, and the Pet Show begins on the 11th!



  1. That is a very pretty table topper. I love the fabric especially the backing fabric.

  2. Very sweet - and reversable. Love all the dotty goodness!

  3. Well Jacque, this bitty sneak peek looks awesome, but I'd love to see 'more' of the front. I love the design of the staggered blocks going around!

  4. I agree with Annie, I would love to see more too! I love the fabrics you choose. I have never gotten the hang of curved binding but you sure did!

  5. So nice. Congratulations on your finish!

  6. It is beautiful! Congratulations!!

  7. It's awesome and that binding is divine!!

  8. Pretty! I am on my last feathered star border block. I am doing the happy dance as it stitches out!

  9. Totally gorgeous! You go girl!!

  10. That's so purty!!!
    I've been working on quilting a vintage top, and redoing my sewing room. :)


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