Friday, August 9, 2013

Aurifil Thread is a Sponsor!

. . . and the boyz are having fun! We'll get back to that later!

Aurifil Blogger Here at Lilypadquilting, Snoodles is proud to be an Aurifil blogger, and has posted here and also here about their awesome thread.

Aurifil is a generous sponsor, and has provided some lovely prizes for our Pet Show winners!

When the box arrived, Padsworth and DragonDrop wanted to check it out. There are two special collections -- a box of lovely Tula Pink threads, and another box of V and Co. "Simply Color" threads. Take a peek:

Want to see them up close? Come on, ya know ya do!

DragonDrop loves these variegated threads for Tula Pink fabrics:

Padsworth is partial to these for Simply Color fabrics, by Vanessa Christensen:

After we had drooled over them for a while, the boyz wanted to build a fort:

See those sample packs? Four lucky winners will be selected to win one of those, and the two collections will go to another pair of Pet Show winners!

(Blowing kisses) Thank you, Aurifil, for sponsoring our show!