Thursday, August 1, 2013

Quilt Bear is sponsoring!

Have we got a great new sponsor for you!  Oh, boy, we really do!  Introducing Quilt Bear online quilt shop!

I just "met" Quilt Bear, and I'm impressed! Mary Jo has stepped forward to help out with sponsoring a prize -- I'm so happy and very grateful!

Look at these cute fabrics!  It's a six pack of 19x19" red, black, and white and puppy cuddle fabrics! Aren't they fun?

There's lots of fun things happening at the Quilt Bear online store . . .  Mary Jo and Matthew are the happy faces behind the Quilt Bear logo, and I hope you will click on the link to go to their store.

The first thing that jumped out at me was this cute notice on their home page:

Sweet! Free shipping on all orders within the good ole USA! The other thing that got my attention (that is, before I started clicking and lusting after fabric and notions) was that they are a Better Business Bureau accredited business! They're trustworthy!

The Quilt Bear folks are also generous, and concerned about others in their community and beyond. Check out the Bear Hugs page on their site for notes on how they've helped out some worthy causes with fabric, finishes, and financial donations!  (Awesome alliteration, don't ya think? My mentor, Barbara, will be proud.)

The Quilt Bear site is laid out so nicely -- that's always a plus when you are shopping for a fabric or a notion that you just have to find . . . take a look at some of the goodies you'll find there.

The Benartex coffee themed fabrics certainly have my attention:

They have minkee,

Moda (here is Basic Grey's Origins),

and marbles (gorgeous blenders), too!

They have some great online clubs,

                                          (Aurifil club)                        (Quilt Bear Cafe)

and a special section of gifts for the quilting obsessed, er, hobbyist.  Ahem. That would be me, too. I need one of the special license plates. (Grin)

(Blowing kiss) Thank you, Quilt Bear, for partnering with us as a sponsor for the Pet Show, starting on August 11th! 

(Hope you will excuse me, but I'm headed back to Quilt Bear to complete my fabric diet just crashed!)



  1. Oh, I spent a long time browsing and have added them to my favorite list so I can find them again - like tomorrow.

  2. The free shipping is very cool! I do like the way the site is laid out. I have a few things I always like to look at, and I found them all!
    Thanks to Quilt Bear for being a sponsor!!!!

  3. That is another fun site. I buy a lot of Minkee for baby gifts!

  4. Who can resist Minkee? Everyone young and old loves the feel of the Minkee fabrics. What a great prize...just perfect for this show.

    Did someone say Free that is a huge savings!



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