Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Martingale Books and Reliable Iron are sponsoring!

We appreciate it when sponsors come back and sponsor again! Martingale Books is a wonderful resource for new ideas, new designs, and new techniques.

This year they are sponsoring a $25 e-certificate, good for anything on the site! Wowser! Have you seen their site recently? Look at the goodies you will find there:

Books about quilting....




And crafting.....

They have a section of great gifts, too, from notepads to calendars to magnets -- and more!

Thanks, Martingale, for sponsoring again!!

Padsworth here, to tell you about Reliable Irons!

Reliable Irons is a brand new sponsor, and we are over-the-top thrilled to have them join in our party! Check out the great prize that they are offering for one of our winners!

This, my friends, is the Velocity V50!    It is awesome!
I sure hope that you will click on the link and check out this iron!

Reliable tells me that it won't spit or leak, because it has two heating elements -- sounds good to me! I bet it would stop Snoodles from having those problems when she is working on her blocks -- her iron tends to leak when she tells it "don't steam right now!"  (Grin)

   Now that is COOL! Oh, wait, I have it wrong -- that's HOT!!

Reliable also lets you select a bypass mode, so it won't shut off at its usual eight minute mark...

.....great for when you step away and then need to hop back and press something quickly! It has other great features, too, and we'd love for you to click and learn more about it. One of our lucky winners will be ironing happily with a new Velocity V-50!

Thanks to both of today's sponsors!



  1. Yaaay for Martingale and Reliable!

  2. How very nice!!! I would love that iron...

  3. I've got that iron on my wish list:0) Thanks for sharing sponsors!

  4. A huge thank you to Martingale and Reliable for offering the great giveaways. When will the winners be announced?

  5. I love sewing and needlework books, and I desperately need a new iron, and that one looks awesome!

  6. I have got to get to work on a post!

  7. Both really great companies as sponsors.

  8. Martingale books Rock and Reliable Irons are the absolute best I've ever used in my life...bar none! There are going to be some very, very, very happy winners. For the record, I'm not going out to adopt any pets to qualify to enter this show!!! Perhaps I can lay my quilts in the back yard and hope a dear, rabbit, toad, or chipmunk visit?



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