Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you having fun this weekend?

I hope you are!

I know that I did --- I found a few moments to sew. Padsworth, DragonDrop and I dove into the stash and found these:

Here is a close up of each of the fabrics:

Have you viewed any of Missouri Quilt Co. videos on Youtube? I love 'em! They have nice clear instructions, and I love the duck quacking at the introduction. After all, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for duckies, right? (Grin)
It was easy, using the tutorial I found, and adapting it to a king size pillow. Instead of cutting the main fabric the length they specified, I cut mine at 36 inches, and then used the same sizes for the cuff and the strip of contrast fabric.

Love, love the results!

Hope you have some fun this weekend!



  1. Oh I love that fabric!! What a fun pillowcase. I recently made some fun ones for my grandson and it was nice to do something that wasn't too challenging for a change. I've got the sewing blahs and just don't want to start a big project right now. ;)

  2. SO CUTE!!! I love Missouri Quilt Co. videos, especially the one you referred us to to make pinwheel blocks. We have a soft spot over here for Snoopy, as we enjoyed being our beagle Sadie's 'pet' for a number of years, until she passed away after living a nice long beagle's life. Wishing you lots of sweet dreams with Snoopy and Woodstock's help!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. If not for MQC, i doubt I would be quilting...I learned plenty from Jenny, when I first started....and can we talk about your pillow....I am feeling the zzzz's love the fabric. You can always be counted on a smile or two!

  4. I do love Missouri Star quilting. I took a class via Craftsy from Jenny -back when Craftsy was Sympoz. I can still access it thru Crafsty which is really cool.
    Your pillow looks great.

  5. Snoopy is a great favourite in our household and we also had a beagle when I was a little girl at home. He was called Jason and he lived to thirteen years of age, he was a lovely dog. Love the pillow case and the MQC. I have made several of her projects, especially the bags. Very clear and I too love the quacking duck. Thanks for sharing. Susie x

  6. Love blue and yellow and snoopy is a sweetie! Your pillowcase is really great fun!

  7. I love Snoopy fabric. I had fun till my machine quit working, again! Back to the shop tomorrow.


  8. So cute! My son would snatch that up in an instant. He is such a Snoopy fan. I have some Snoopy fabric myself that I'll be cutting and sewing with soon.

  9. What a great pillow! No sewing here but we did go to our local fair and had fun :)


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