Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yay! Inchworm Fabrics is a prize sponsor!

Inchworm Fabrics joined in the merriment at last year's Pets on Quilts Show, and Jeannette is back again with a lovely prize for one of our lucky winners!

We're so hoppy to have her participate, and we want to show you some of the lovely things in her store!
Inchworm Fabrics has pre-cuts...

fabric by the yard....


 and more!

Looking for patterns by our sweet friend, Barb, at Bejeweled Quilts? You're in luck! Just click here and you can choose from a huge collection of Barb's wonderful patterns and projects!

Inchworm Fabrics is one of the only places I know, where you can find these beauties:

Jelly Rolls of gorgeous Samoan fabrics! (Excuse me, I need to wipe up the drool here, before I can go on . . .)

Here is what Inchworm Fabrics is providing for a prize, for one of our lucky Pet Show winners:

It's called a Snap Sack kit, and it includes everything you need to make this lovely project, except the batting! The fabrics shown here are representative of the kit -- the actual fabrics are Kona Bay, and we all know those are stunning.

We hope you will stop by Inchworm Fabrics, or by their blog, and check out their awesome inventory and their wonderful discount prices, too!

(Waving) Thanks, Inchworm Fabrics! We love you!



  1. Oh that is so pretty!!!! would love to have that.
    Thank you

  2. Oh yeah! Lots of great sponsers going on there.

  3. it is great to see sponsers helping bloggers by supporting them. go sponsers!!!

  4. I have looked and lusted there many times. Inchworm Fabrics has lots of pretties. I love the Snap Sack that they are providing as a prize for this event. Yaaay for Inchworm Fabrics!!!!

  5. I would love to have that Snap Sack kit! I'm going to head over there right now!


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