Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meow! The Quilted Kitty is sponsoring again!

We were so hoppy to have the folks at the Quilted Kitty quilt store on board for our last Pet Show, and we are over-the-top excited that they will join us this year, too!

You know the show is coming up soon (August 11 is our start date) and they've offered to sponsor three prizes again!

Yep, you read it right -- THREE prizes!

Here is what you and your adorable pet show entry might win:

Each winner will receive a selection of pre-cut kitty shapes from cute fabrics!

In addition to the fabric, one winner will receive a $10 e-certificate to the online store; another winner will receive a $15 e-certificate, and the third winner will receive the fabric kitties and a $20 e-certificate to spend at the Quilted Kitty store!

I'm sure that if you live nearby the brick and mortar store in Lincoln, Nebraska, Nanci and all the Furry Dudes will welcome you there and you can shop to your heart's content!

These faces will greet you there:

Nanci is the human that the Furry Dudes allow to "manage" the store.....they let her think that she is the boss, you know!

"Opie has been a Quilt Shop participant since 2004.  He offers all kinds of advice in the areas of catching mice, picking on his furry brothers and napping.  On any given day you can find Opie sitting at the window dreaming up his next adventure at The Quilted Kitty."

"Wally has "mentally" been an owner since 2006.  He contributes each week with his Wally's Weekender, a very popular newsletter and project idea that has earned him his own email address.  Wally embraces life with love, kindness and catnip.  He loves nothing more than to sit on the back of his furless Dad's chair and dictate what is on TV."

(I snagged those captions from the Quilted Kitty site -- click here to be whisked away for a cyber visit!) 

And these fabrics are just a sampling of what you will find:

(All About Kitties page, fabric from Blank Quilting)

(1930's reproduction Fabrics)

(Caprice, by Timeless Treasures)

Be sure to hop over there and check out these fabrics and much more, at the Quilted Kitty!

(Waving) A big Lilypadquilting "THANK YOU!" goes out to the Quilted Kitty! We're glad you are a sponsor of the show!



  1. Oooh Wally is so sweet! I just want to hold him. Yaaay for the Quilted Kitty - We love our sponsors!!!!!

  2. I did a delightful visit - yes, you whisk(er)ed me away.

  3. That looks like a nice store. I love any shop that has kitties!


  4. The bosses of the Quilted Kitty are just adorable. I'm sure they do a great job of keeping their employees in line.

  5. I love those cut out kitty cats! I follow them on FB and love their fabrics!


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