Sunday, July 28, 2013

IHAN -- I Have A Notion!

Many of you special Lilypadquilting peeps already know the lovely and creative Kelly at IHAN . . . for those of you who don't yet know her (and her crew of elves) you are in for a treat!

IHAN stands for I Have A Notion -- a fabulous online store for machine embroiderers, quilters, and those who are addicted to, er, enjoy the needle arts. (Grin)  We've been long-time admirers and customers of Kelly, because she has wonderful things for us to purchase, and because we are over-the-top happy with her brand of customer service!

When you shop at the IHAN store, you are tempted by LOTS of wonderful things:

There are books and dvds:

organizational tools

Floriani embroidering and quilting products

Tables to help with your sewing and embroidery:

Lighting products (is it just me? I've been needing more light lately to do the things I want to do!)

Retreat necessities -- wouldn't you love to have this to carry to your next retreat?

Machine carriers -- these qualify as RVs for your machine!

Threads and floss -- ooh, lovely colors!

Need I say more? This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "one stop shopping" doesn't it? (Wink)  And we quilters are all about shopping!

Kelly has a fun blog, too, that you should check out, since she has a lot of creative things happening over there.

IHAN is generously sponsoring THREE prizes for our Pets on Quilts Show! Feast your peepers on what three lucky winners in our Pet Show drawings will receive . . . 

One winner will receive this:

The second winner will be hoppy to get this:

And the third winner will be happy dancing when this prize package gets in their hands -- it's a Sushi roll by Hoffman Fabrics, and two spools of luscious Aurifil thread!

(Waving) Thank you, Kelly, and a big thanks to your elves, too! I am always so surprised by how quickly my order arrives, and the elves obsess over getting it just right, too! They do a wonderful job!
(And a very special thank you, Kelly, for helping me out on the show -- love ya! When she found out that Life was interfering in my planning the show, she graciously stepped in to help me!)

Y'all hop on over to IHAN and you might just see some things that want to "follow you home"......just sayin!



  1. Oh, lovely additions to the Pets on Quilts! Thank you Kelly.

  2. Kelly is simply wonderful. I have purchased from her AND won prizes from her in the past. She does lovely reviews of products she loves. If Kelly approves a product - you can be sure it is a good one.
    Thanks to IHAN and Kelly for being a sponsor!

  3. Very nice. I'm sure it is going to be a great show.

  4. Wonderful products!! I've been needing more light lately when I'm doing anything too =P

  5. Great products. I can't wait for the Pets on Quilts show.

  6. I told everyone on my blog today to get ready for the show! I need to start working on my post, I have hundreds of pictures to wade through! LOL

  7. I had not heard of this great shop! On my way over to browse more.

    how do I enter the pets-on-quilts show?


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