Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Warning - Danger Ahead!

(At least for those of you on a fabric diet!)
(This post is now linked with Katherine's Corner and PhotoLifeSite, as part of the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop #17! These fabrics are definitely some of my favorite things! A warm welcome to any hoppers that stop by the Lilypad!)

Now, before I start, I'll tell you that I did NOT go off my use-fabric-from-my-stash resolution . . . these are actually my winnings from SewCalGal's lovely Christmas show! A mouth-watering array of fabric yumminess!

So, if you are on a fabric diet, you have been forewarned -- there is danger ahead! We'll give the faint of heart a moment to click away, and then we'll proceed . . .

Here's a scene to remind us of springtime (which I am hoping will come early this year) and give them time to scoot away:

Now! Are you ready? Here is the first bundle for you to admire --- the complete, twenty-eight (oh, be still my heart) piece collection of Sweet Pickins from Darlene Zimmerman's Clothesline Club . . .

Mr. Snoodles has already claimed rights to the quilt made from this loveliness! With names like "Screamin' Yellow Fruit Stripe," "Summer Fruit," and "Evening Spring Berry," how could I not snag this bundle?
I think I know what scrappy pattern I'll use for that, and I'll post my progress on OleFrogEyes for you to see!

Here is the second one that I fell for -- Pat Sloan's bundle, called "Simple Stitches." If this one makes your little heart go pitty-pat, it is still available (and on sale!) at our wonderful sponsor, the Fat Quarter Shop. Just click here. I am an enabler, aren't I? (Wink)

Nineteen fat quarters and a panel! Woot!

Here is the last item that I chose with my gift certificate --- just couldn't resist this jelly roll of Ready Set Snow:

Looks like I may have gotten the last one of those . . . I didn't seem them on FQS site any more. 

Hope all of you are having a great start to 2012 . . . we are planning for some guest posts soon from several uber-talented quilters, and in February we'll be guest posting again at Sew We Quilt, so stop back by as often as you can . . . there's always something fun happening at the Lilypad!

Today I am linking up with two linky parties: the fabulous Minutes for Me party hosted by Marcia, at this link: Minutes for Me. Marcia has an awesome idea for those tiny fabric scraps that you hate to let out of your hands --- share them as notecards!  (I figure this qualifies as minutes for me, cos I love playing with these and sketching my ideas into my notebook!)
And also the Rock and Share party at the Shady Porch --- lots of great ideas, there, too!

And one last note for those of you that like freebies (that's all of us, right?) . . . pass the word along, that when I get over 600 followers, I'll be having a giveaway!!


  1. Wonderful choices! Can't wait to see what comes of these.

  2. Great fabrics! thanks for sharing them with us

  3. You enabler!! You crack me up!! I love your purchases!!!

  4. Those fabrics are sooo yummy!!!

  5. Wow, fabulous fabric...can't say anymore my jaw keeps dropping! xx

  6. Mr. Snoodles is a lucky fella! I love your choices - they are all yummy! Whoo hoo!

    2012 is gonna be a fun year!

    thing I

  7. I didn't realize that you'd won something...congrats! I can't see the fabric very well, but I'm sure it's beautiful.

  8. Great selection of fabrics to play with for the new year.

  9. Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see the quilts!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Great way to start the new year!

  10. That fabric is gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished piece. From Katie's blog hop.

  11. Luckyyyyyyyyyyy :-) Thank you for participating in the Thursday Favorite things hop and for sharing with your readers too. I hope you made some new bloggy friends. Hoping your weekend is a sweet one xo P.S. did you enter the pink poodle giveaway?


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