Friday, January 20, 2012

The Silver Screen

Hey, Lilypadquilters! Are you like me, and watch a good many classic movies?  Are you ready for a chuckle?

I had a thought today about movie titles (somebody may have already done this, but I just was thinkin'), and how some of them match up with our lives as quilters . . .

The Agony and the Ecstasy

 It's not a movie about Michaelangelo . . .

It's the feeling you get when you are cutting up that treasured fat quarter bundle to make a new quilt!

The Red Badge of Courage

It's not a Stephen Crane novel, or even an Audie Murphy "two kleenex" movie . . .

It's the bandaid on your finger or thumb, whilst you hand-quilt!

From Here to Eternity . . .

It's not a romance with Burt Lancaster and Debra Kerr on the beach . . .

It's how far you have yet to go, sewing on that binding on that king-size quilt that was SUCH a good idea, when you first started it!

I wonder if any of you can think of some movie titles that have meaning for us quilters??



  1. How about "Its a Wonderful Life!" Not James Stewart & seeing life in a new way, but rather being a quilter and having the joy of making quilts as a huge part of your life!

    And then there's "True Grit" - what it takes to complete those UFO's you've really grown tired of and just wish would disappear!

    Yep - I can see where this could go on and on..... :*)

  2. Gone With The Wind - just gotta love a gal that can make a dress with curtains!

  3. The Dirty Dozen: that pile of UFO's you have to finish.

  4. "You've Got Mail"...we all love those squishies that come in the mail....

  5. What a cool post. I might be able to think of other titles, but my brain would have to labor intensively and it would take a while. LOL.
    Like Tonya said, you make us smile!

  6. The Wild Bunch - quilt guild
    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - a quilters fabric stash
    A Cry in the Dark - when the power goes out while free motion quilting

  7. How about Eat, Pray, Love?
    Snack some, pray that you get a little time to sew and create what you LOVE to do! and then snack some more...

    Great post!


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