Monday, January 2, 2012

Better Late . . .

Here's a finish that I can show you! These were already given at Christmas, so I can show them to you now --- I got some nice plain dish towels and used some of my Java scraps to decorate them.

 Hmmmm, seeing the coffee beans there reminds me . . . I left my cuppa Joe over at the sewing machine. 'Scuse me, I'll be right back!


PS  I hope that this year you will all be looking for opportunities for cute pictures of your pets on quilts --- Lilypadquilting is the new home of the Pets on Quilts Show! (Here is an announcement over at SewCalGal's blog.)  We'll be working toward a summer show, and be giving you updates in the coming months! Squee! Get those furbabies used to the camera! And if your pets won't cooperate, you can enter a pet-themed quilt! Stay tuned for the fun!


  1. What a great idea! I thought about embellishing some towels too...I just never got around to it. =( Thanks for sharing them with us.

    I don't really have any pets to put on quilts...just hamsters....and it's not happening, I can tell you that. =)

  2. Lucky dish washer that now has those to make the drying of the dishes a much more pleasant job. They look great!

  3. Great idea for the towels..I have some Java scraps...hmmm.

  4. I love your dish towels! They turned out really nice! My furbabies are on my sewing projects whether I want them to be or not LOL!


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