Monday, January 9, 2012

I love it when a plan comes together . . .

Linking with Marcia's Minutes for Me Linky Party --- this is how I spent my minutes for me, this week! I had a great time sewing with some lovely fabrics! I hope that if you are hopping over here from the linky party, that you enjoy your visit!

With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I am quoting Hannibal on the old A-Team television show . . . anybody remember that one?!

I know that many of you are happy, as I am, when the newsletter from the Intrepid Thread hits your inbox. Those of you that are not sure what we are talking about, really need to hop over to Julie's place and sign up for the newsletter! She and her team have exciting projects in each issue.  Go ahead, click on that link and sign up, and we'll wait for you.

You're back? OK. Well, I had planned for a long time to make Sasha's Posey Wristlet, and had even pulled together the same fabulous fabrics that she used in her tutorial, from Lola's Poseys.  I had planned on making two, for two young ladies that I know and love. But did my plans happen on time? In a word, no!  They will receive their Christmas gifties a little late.

But I want to show you the uber-cute results here:

This picture is kinda dark, so we'll pretend that this is to show how nice the bag will be for some of the more formal occasions that they might take it to. Candlelight dinners, movie premieres, etc.

Here is a brighter shot that doesn't do much for the shape of the bag, but really lets the colors pop:

I think Sasha's fabric choices were inspired, and I stuck with them! If you would like to see her step by step tutorial, with lots of pictures for those of us that are visual learners (thanks, Sasha!), just sign up for the newsletter from Intrepid Thread . . . you can browse past issues, then, and click on the tutorial from there. Here is a link to a picture of Sasha's wristlet, on her blog.

Well, these will be wrapped and packed, and headed across the US soon.  I really DO love it when a plan comes together!



  1. What a cute little pouch....I'm sure it will be loved...the fabric is adorable too!

  2. So, are you channeling George Peppard or Liam Neeson? Good choice either way!

    Love the wristlet!

  3. The wristlet is adorable! I really like the fabrics you used.

  4. Awwww!!!! Your wristlet turned out adorable!!!!!! You did such a wonderful job! I've been meaning to make another one. Did I ever tell you that when I made the very first one, I used the wrong kind of interfacing? I used the double sided kind LOL!!!! It was stuck all over my ironing board. I'm so happy you were able to follow the instructions. I was so afraid they wouldn't make sense.

  5. I gave up on making Christmas gifts for people. I am just making and giving as I can whenever. The wristlets are cute as can be!

  6. They are going to love their gifts. Signed up for the newsletter - thanks for the link to it! Thanks for linking up to Minutes for Me! Have a great day!

  7. Love it Snoodles!! I love that fabric.

  8. Those are Sew Pretty! Wow!!!

    Sew many good ideas, Sew little time..... may I retire now?!



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