Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Big Sale and A Sneak Peek

One of our great sponsors, Dewberry Lane, is closing the doors on their online store. The message that I received said . . .

So, I'm glad that it's not due to lack of sales, but instead is a new direction they are headed in! Rachel has lots of great stuff in the store, so be sure to click through using the button on the left-hand sidebar, or the linkie above, and put that code in, to get your discount!

Now, I know that I also promised you a sneak peek, so here is a little glimpse of something that I'm working on . . . you'll see the whole thing sometime in February, when I post it over at Sew We Quilt!

Hope everyone is having a great day, and finding time to sew!



  1. Sad to see shops close...but of course I see sale and go. My husband has been looking a while for one of those silly license plate 'quilter on board' holders for me and sure enough, they had one! Thanks!


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