Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gilding Lilies . . .

Recently I quoted from the ATeam TV show, and today I'm giving a nod to Shakespeare --- I think that may be going from the ridiculous to the sublime, eh? (Grin)

Gilding the lily has always referred to placing more ornamentation on something that was already quite nice. Let me explain where I am going here . . . I've seen all over blogland, that quilters and sewists are creating bags, totes and purses. Lovely creations from stellar fabric lines, and the patterns are all over the place, from simple chic to positively elegant.

But have you ever looked at your tote or purse and wanted to add just a little something? A little "wow" or a little "zing"?? Personally, I find that my taste is becoming a little more flamboyant now --- soon I may be the little silver-haired lady with the red pants and orange jacket, accessorized by gold shoes and a green bag. Well, no, on second thought. I don't think so. But I do love me a bag with personality!

So we are going to have a party! An embellishment party! Whoa . . .a three dimensional embellishment event! We are going to have two guest posters on Lilypadquilting, and I am so excited that they have agreed to participate --- you will love 'em!

First we'll hear from Jackie, a talented Canadian that I hope to meet in person some day! She is a quilt artist who blogs at Jackies Art Quilts and her works have been accepted in several juried shows. She writes a humorous column for a Canadian quilting magazine, and if you would like a chuckle, you should check out her articles here. We'll tell you more about her on Tuesday, the 17th, when she guest posts here.

Our second guest will be from the US of A, and many of you know her -- Sunni of Love Affair with my Brother!  I know I'm not the only one who clicked through the very first time, just because of the quirky title! You can read here how she came up with her blog name -- it's just as creative and fun as the quilts and projects that she designs! I know when you meet her, you'll want to add her blog to your "daily" list, for sure. Sunni will be with us on Tuesday, January 24th.

Lastly, I'll end our embellishment party with my post on Thursday, January 26th. I hope that you are intrigued by our party, and that you come back to the Lilypad on those dates, and enjoy our three dimensional antics! (I hear there will be some giveaways.....just sayin'!!)

I'm linking up with Rebecca Lynne's Thursday Think Tank today -- be sure to check out the linky party! This is one way to cut the drama in 2012....just have some fun!



  1. LOL! This made me choke on my broccoli - "soon I may be the little silver-haired lady with the red pants and orange jacket, accessorized by gold shoes and a green bag." Oh you crack me up!!! I can't wait for the embellishment party!!!!

  2. I just found that second blog, it is pretty good....looking forward to these guest post.

  3. I love lilies!! I sure wish I could paint one. And I'll probably be right there with you girlie, wearing my lime green pedal pushers and my purple skin tight tee shirt.... heh heh.

  4. Your embellishment party sounds fab! I'll certainly be back!

  5. Thanks so much for linking up! I personally LOVE the A Team. Hahahahaaa...and yes more fun does = less drama. Let's all smile a bit more in 2012 agreed?

  6. This will be interesting. I'll admit...I have yet to visit Sunni's blog. Just something about that name. I know it is a very popular blog. But...


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