Tuesday, August 8, 2017


See this seal?

These guys and gals are really confused right about now . . . 


Well, this section of the southland hasn't had a whole lot of seismic activity. 


Well, hardly ever.

We don't sit on a fault line, like some states do.  Most of the time the magnolias and mint juleps don't move around too much on their own.  (Don't get any ideas, though, I've visited there but I don't live there!)

The graphs here are usually pretty quiet. 

Boringly quiet.....

Until today!!!

Check this out!

This is what has the geological people in an uproar!

But confidentially, it was just me happy-dancin'!  No tremors, just happy feet!

You see, I received a box - I had no clue what someone had sent me! 

Aha!  Here is a clue!!  Well, actually it's a freaking big clue, like, I really hope that is what is inside!

This is when the actual jumping up and down began!! (Grin)

Oh wow!

Seriously! I'd recognize those lil flowers and the color palette anywhere! Mary Engelbreit!

Squeeeeeee! Oh, I can't believe my eyes!

And when I wrote the review earlier, I had no idea she could move around like this! Cool! 

And it's amazing the difference the different lighting options make! My thread and fabric decisions are going to be so much easier.

And yes, she is a "she." She gets along famously with Nora....just look....they are color coordinated! 

Gorgeous! I think I will call her "Emmy." Where did I get that? Well, the initials are M and E, so I will say, "Emmy." (Grin)  Mary Jean, the wonderful educator at Stella, somehow knew that black would be perfect! (Thank you, Mary Jean, you are amazing!)

I'm still bouncing in my chair as I write! Heehee! But excuse me please....
I must go downstairs and grab some of my treasured Mary Engelbreit fabrics.  Nora and Emmy and I are going to play for a while!

Have you got a hankering for an "Emmy" of your own? Or a Stella without the trimmings? 

Hop right onto this link -- go to the Stella site -- and use the promo code "petsonquilts" to get a 15% discount on your very own Stella light!!  Plus free shipping!!

Thanks, Stella Lighting!! (big hugs to you, Mary Jean!!)

Sigh......LIFE IS SEW GOOD!!!!!



  1. I am so jealous right now - not only a Stella, but an ME Stella!

  2. How lovely and it does so fit with your machine. Hugs, Susie x

  3. She's beautiful, congrats! I was just looking at those lights yesterday.

  4. I LOVE my Stella! Mine is not decorated, but it sure gives lighting a new status. Even in the daytime, I can't sew without it. Great light!


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