Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Amazing sponsors! Twenty-four prizes!

It's been a lovely show! Lots of fun! We couldn't do it without all of you wonderful people and pets!

And our! Twenty-four different prizes! (As much as possible, we will include links to not only our great sponsors, but also to the Flickr pages, blogs, and etc of our winners, so that you can have fun re-visiting them.)

Let's get started by announcing our viewers' choice awards, OK?

Envelope, please!

For the category of Dog on Quilt, number 15 just strolled away from the rest of the pack: Sami the Wonder Dog! Congratulations!

For the CATegory of Cat on Quilt, we had a hotly contested race -- Olive and Wilma tag-teamed the competition, and Kozmo utilized all of her super-cute-kitten skills, but the winner was: Molly! Huzzah!

For the category of Other Animal on Quilt, we had some awesome entries, from chickens to turtles (I think that is a first, this year!) but one entry just blew everyone else away: Resident Pet! Yay!!!

Then, for the category of Pet Themed Quilt, I think we had the most entries we've ever had in this category! The clear winner was: Michiko, for her beautifully rendered pawtrait of Hana!

Many, many thanks to all who participated; our numbers may have been down this year, but we had such great pets and quilts! I heard from many of you that you look forward to this show each year, and that does make me happy!

Now, it's time to announce the winners of our prizes!


In no particular order.....

Green Fairy Quilts is sponsoring a fabric bundle! A lovely group of fat-eighths from the 30's Playtime collection from Moda! Our lucky winner is....


We hope to see, soon, what she creates with those fabrics! Beautiful!

The Quilt Pattern Magazine sponsored a year long subscription to their e-mag and the vibrant community and resources that go along with it; our winner is.....

Maria joined us all the way from Spain! We know that's going to be a year's worth of fun and quilting inspiration! (I'm green with envy!)

Generous Michele at Aiming for Accuracy sponsors a prize from her online button store, I Love Buttons, Etc!   FIVE packs of buttons; the winner's choice! And our winner is.....

We're looking forward to seeing the projects created with the great buttons from I Love Buttons, Etc.

The crew at The Intrepid Thread sponsored a prize of five spools of Aurifil thread! The lucky winner is....


That chipmunk was cute! Julie and her staff are great to work with, and we thank them for sponsoring.

The Fat Quarter Shop sponsored two fifty dollar shopping sprees!  Our winners are....




The folks at Fat Quarter Shop are at the ready to help with fabric selections, notions, books, and much more for our winners!

Our friends at Heat Press Batting Together sponsored two big prize packages of assorted Heat Press product! Our winners are.....

                                                           Vrooman's Quilts


                                                           Val's Quilting Studio

Then, because they love our show and love our followers, too, they said they would send a roll of Heat Press Batting Together to TWELVE more winners!!

Here are our twelve bonus winners:

                                                           Kathy S
                                                           Karen Stewart (send me your email address)
                                                           Susie Q
                                                           Magpie Mumblings
                                                           Agnes Bullock
                                                           Dana Gaff
                                                           Quilting Babcia
                                                           Tierney Hogan (send me your email addy)
                                                           Karen in Breezy Point

I know that all of you will love their product, just as much as I do! Awesome to use!

Eagles' Wings Quilts sponsored a complete package for a "Castor and Pollux" paper piecing quilt: pattern with instructions, papers, and templates! Our winner is....


Looking forward to seeing this completed - it's a complex quilt, but Cathy makes it simple!

Barb from Bejeweled Quilts sponsored a prize package of a charm pack of gorgeous batik fabrics, and two patterns (winner's choice) from her store! Our winner....

                                                            Gene Black

Barb has ingenious patterns in her store, and she's an Island Batik ambassador, so check out her blog for quilting inspiration!

Amanda Murphy Designs sponsored a lovely package of patterns, Amanda's Folk Art Fantasy collection! Our winner.....


Amanda's fabrics and patterns are all gorgeous -- sign up for her newsletter and you'll be inspired!

Stella Lighting generously sponsored a Stella Two light for a lucky winner! I love my Stella light, and I know our winner will, too! The winner is....


Thank you, Stella Lighting! Best lighting options ever! I checked out Sally's blog, and I hope you will, too. Looks like her new place could use this Stella light!
(And don't forget, if you'd like to buy a Stella of your own, just type in this promo code and get 15% off, and FREE shipping: petsonquilts!

Whew! That's a lot of prizes, and a lot of winners!

Thank you to all of our sponsors -- your generosity makes this portion of our show so very much fun!
I would love to award a prize to everyone who participated, but hopefully y'all all enjoyed the pets and the quilts, and will join us again next year!! Heads nodding? Yay!!

Would y'all do me a favor? When you have a chance, go to the sponsors' sites or Facebook pages, and tell them you appreciate their sponsorship!
And when you shop, check out our sponsors first! They are all awesome!

I think we're going to take a nap after we email all of our winners so they can receive their prizes!!  Bear with me, and you'll get an email introducing you to your sponsor, so they can work out all the details!!



  1. Wow, I am blown away by the great line up of prizes you put together! And thank you so much for mine! What a great event. I hope Olive & Wilma can be coaxed into the spotlight again next year!

  2. Super awesome prizes from the sponsors! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you Jacque for holding this event!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Thrilled to be a winner, and Smitty is especially happy that Molly won. Thanks for sponsoring, Jacque. Best quilting event of the year!

  4. Dearest Snoodles,

    You have made an egregious typo in your blog. You announced that some nobody named Sally won, when you really meant to type MOLLY!!!! I am sure that you will appreciate my shining a Stella Light on this error.



  5. Looks like you had another wonderful show this year, Jacque. Hopefully, Molly and I will be back next year. With a bit of luck, Molly might even have a new buddy to join her on a quilt!

  6. Congrats to all the winners! What a great show, Until next year. A Big Thank you to all the sponsors.

  7. I am happy to have won from Barb of Bejeweled Quilts. Congrats to all of the winners.

  8. Congrats to everyone who won. Thank you so much Jacque for doing the hard work to make this wonderful show happen again, it's so nice to visit with old friends and make new ones. The terrible twins have again been told they won Best Doggos in the Entire World and of course demanded their prizes immediately after the photo shoot, there's a reason they are called the Terrible Twins, LOL
    Thanks again my friend, you are very appreciated!

  9. Congrats to everyone that participated whether you won or not. It was a great hop and so much fun.
    xx, Carol

  10. This was so much fun! My email is

  11. Thanks and my e-mail address is :-)

  12. Thank you for supporting Hana. I am greatly honored to receive the Viewers' Choice Award for the category of Pet themed quilts.
    Snoodles, thank you so much for this wonderful quilt show.

  13. Thanks so much--I was just thinking that I needed to replenish my batting fusible--love the stuff! Thanks for the awesome pet parade too!

  14. What a generous sponsorship! Thank you to Fat Quarter Shop!

  15. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Jacque aka Snoodles, Thank you so much for your Pets on Quilts parade. It Is so fun for us animal and quilts lovers. 😻 I am ecstatic to be a prize winner and that I won Amanda Murphy patterns!!! 😊

  16. Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to everyone that voted for Sami and we cannot wait to receive the fat quarter from Green Fairy Quilts. I am a long time customer of Green Fairy. The product selection and service cannot be beat. Thanks to Snoodles at Lily Pad for a fun and exciting contest. Check out our thank you post at

  17. Congratulations to all your wonderful winners! Everyone had beautiful photo's and wonderful stories - it was such fun reading them. We didn't compete this year as have had some sickness in the family but hope to compete next year. You do such a fabulous job with Pets on Quilts parade. We so look forward to it each year. Karen, Miss H and Baa. xxx


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