Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Another new sponsor - Eagles' Wings Quilts!

I want to introduce you to a new sponsor for our Pets on Quilts Show later this month!

Everyone put their scissors and needles down and give a round of applause for Eagle's Wings Quilts!
Here is a link to their site....if you want to, go and check it out! Or just read on, and I'll tell you about them!

Eagles Wings Quilts is the Canadian home for English paper piecing! They sell to their friends in Canada, and to their neighbors in the United States (their prices are in Canadian dollars, so sometimes that helps us out, here in the US!).

Cathy is a long-time nurse and also a long-time long arm quilter. Some of her happiest moments are spent quilting, when a client has turned her loose to express her creativity on a quilt! (Grin) Some of her other happy times are camping and playing with her grand-kids! She is extremely creative and enjoys pushing herself, trying new techniques and skills. 

Two years ago, she and her friends were constructing their own unique versions of Willyne Hammerstein's La Passacaglia -- I can't pronounce it, but I watched the process as Cathy showed it on her blog! It was a challenging and beautiful project, but it was a frustrating process: it was difficult to source the needed paper piecing shapes affordably in Canada. 

So, "Little Bits" was born . . . a line of Canadian made (card-stock weight) paper piecing shapes, and the coordinating acrylic templates. 

Cathy has now retired from nursing and her whole family is joining her in her design and retail business, Eagles Wings Quilts. Don't ya love it when a quilter "spreads her wings"? (Sorry, had to put that pun in there...)

Cathy and the whole crew at Eagles Wings will be sponsoring a prize for one lucky winner in our August drawings! Among her own designs on her site is a pattern called Castor and Pollux. This is a pattern first published in the 1920s, and attributed to Nancy Cabot, a quilter/writer at the Chicago Tribune. Cathy has written up awesome and clear instructions for this old design, and has offered a complete package for one of our winners!

The pattern and the instructions....

The acrylic templates.....

And the paper pieces for piecing....look at all those shapes!

The complete package is a $50 value in Canadian! Just think of busting your scrap stash with this package! (Or maybe you have a collection that would work well with it!)

Thank you to Cathy, hubby Scott, and Rebecca, Matt, and Noel! What a wonderful prize for one of our winners!

Our Pet Show is coming soon.....hope you are snapping pictures and getting ready for the linky party!

We'll re-publish our rules soon, for rookies and veterans alike!



  1. This looks like a really fun and a new challenge. Count me in please.


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