Monday, August 21, 2017

And now the voting begins!


Hasn't this been a fun show, so far? (Kinda cool that our voting starts on the day of the eclipse!)

So many cute entries! And lots of great stories of our furry Quilt Inspectors!

Now, it's time to vote!

Here's how it works......

We will have four Viewers' Choice awards:

Dog on Quilt

Cat on Quilt

Other Animal on Quilt

Pet (or animal) themed Quilt

After those awards are tallied, there will be random drawings for the prizes.....and everyone can have several entries in those drawings!

1. Did you enter the show? Leave a comment for that.

2. Did you furnish PR for the show? Did you spread the word by posting our badge or writing a post or a Facebook page entry? Leave a comment for that. (And like I said some months ago, if you did, you get extra entries!) 

3. Did you visit all of our lovely contestants, and leave nice comments for each one? (As much as possible....I know every year we have one or two entries that are difficult to comment on...)

4. Lastly, vote for your favorite in each category. Leave a comment for that. Helps me out if the comment looks kinda like this:

Dog on Quilt # 735
Cat on Quilt #411
Other # 682
Pet themed #901

Leave the comments below this post, OK? Good luck to everyone! Voting will be open for a week, and then you will have to give us time to tally the results!



  1. Hi, Snoodles! I entered the show -- Olive and Wilma, #38,

  2. And of course I vote for my cats in the Cats on Quilts category, #38.

  3. Cat on quilt #20
    Dog on quilt #24

  4. After several attempts. I finally submitted an entry!!! Thanks for your help and patience๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I would have to say that I was able to leave a comment for almost all the entries!!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

  6. I forgot pet themes quilt #32. I'm not really a dog person, but I am partial to Labs.
    I entered the show, #20 Kozmo.

  7. Dog on Quilt # 27
    Cat on Quilt # 38
    Other # 26
    Pet themed # 4

  8. Cat on quilt #6
    Dog on quilt #3
    Other #2
    Pet themed #5

  9. Hi Snoodles

    I did promote the Pets on Quilts Show on my Blog and have the button there also

    I did enter the show with Treacle

    Unfortunately I did not get around everyone as we are away on vacation but have quickly looked at all the entries. My votes are

    Dog on Quilt : No 10. Jackson
    Cat on Quilt : No 38. Olive & Wilma
    Other : No 21. Vrooms Quilts
    Pet themed : No 2. Horse Quilt

    Thank you for organising a great show and to all the entrants who are amazing and to all the lovely sponsors.

    Hugs Susie x

  10. What a fun show!! My favorite is #35 with the adorable ground squirrel!!
    Dog- 10

  11. Too hard to pick cat or dog for me but really love #35 too for other

  12. Great entries this year!!! It's difficult to pick just one in each category!!
    Cat #5
    Dog #18
    Other #35
    Pet Temed #32

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  14. Awesome job on these quilts!
    Dog on Quilt #25
    Cat on Quilt #20
    Other #35
    Pet Themed #40

  15. I vote for No 22 - Molly.
    Smiles every day I read about her antics with her colleague Buddy and of course Staff.
    Cheers - Margaret Kirkcaldy

  16. Jackson and I wouldn't miss this's just so fun! Yes...we entered. :)

  17. We've been a part of your PR. Have had the button on my blog sidebar and in various posts. :) THANKS again for all your work in putting this show on. It's fun to participate in and the posts are fun to read!

  18. Dog on quilt has to go to #10. Go Jackson

  19. Favorite cat on quilt #22. Molly can climb a design wall like no other feline ... talk about talent!

  20. favourite cat mine of course #39. I have a button on my blog, i haven´t posted anything yet. thanks and a big hug

  21. Dog on Quilt- #12

    Cat on Quilt#9

    Other Animal on Quilt#37

    Pet (or animal) themed Quilt-#5

  22. Had a few problems with comments but they seem to be working now.
    Dog on Quilts #15
    Cat on Quilts #20
    Other #26
    Pet Themed #17

    1. I entered the Dog on Quilt category
    2. Posted link and button (and shamelessly begged for votes) on our blog (
    3. I visited some, but not all contestants
    4. I voted

  23. 1. I had entried in the Cat on a Quilt category and the Pet-Themed quilt Category
    2. Of course I posted the button
    3. I visited many, but not all the contestants
    4. I'm voting for

    Dog on a Quilt #3
    Cat on a Quilt #22
    Other #2
    Pet-themed Quilt #35

  24. 1. Entry in Theme Quilt
    2. Posted button and announced reminders
    3. Visited many but not able to leave comments on several
    Dog on Quilt #34
    Cat on Quilt #22
    Other #37
    Theme Quilt #21

  25. I entered the contest! Entries were 24 and 25

    I blogged about the contest and put up the blog badge on my blog!

    Visited all and left comments on most-

    My votes are as follows

    Dog on quilt 24
    Pet theme 25
    Cat on quilt- all of them have my vote
    Other- horse and turtle

  26. Cat on Quilt #7
    Dog on Quilt #10
    Pet Themed Quilt #6

  27. Just wanted to leave a comment that I was in the show (#7, Darla the Quilting Cat). I visited many, but not all of the contestants. But I am still working on it!

  28. Cat on Quilt #7
    Dog on Quilt #32
    Other #35

  29. Dog on Quilt: I have several dog friends entered, so how can i chose a favorite?!๐Ÿ˜‰
    Cat on Quilt: Can i vote for my Bean? #28

    Other Animal on Quilt: Chipmunk #35

    Pet (or animal) themed Quilt: Wizard #44
    Thank you for such a fun contest. I loved looking at all the adorable photos and visiting new blogs.

  30. Hi,
    I vote for Dog on Quilt #15. Thanks for having this fun contest! ~smile~ Roseanne

  31. Cat on quilt #7
    Dog on quilt #34
    Other Animal on quilt #35
    Pet themed quilt #32

  32. Great show!
    Dog on quilt #3
    cat on quilt #5
    Other #26
    animal theme #32

  33. I visited every entrant and left comments. What a great show! There are some remarkable pieces out there, and so many adorable pets.

  34. Dog on Quilt : #32
    Cat on Quilt : #43
    Other : #2
    Pet themed : #40

  35. Cats #6
    Dogs #44
    Other #26
    Pet themed #5

  36. I shared with a link on Facebook.

  37. Dog #10
    Cat #38
    Other #26
    Pet Themed #1

  38. I blogged about it and have the button on my blog.

  39. I entered the contest (#26 chickens).

  40. 1. Yes I entered the contest.
    2. Yes on my blog
    3. Yes
    4. Dog on Quilt:#3
    Cat on Quilt:#43
    Pet Themed:#32

  41. I entered Molly the Cat #22 and we are displaying the badge for this wonderful event on our blog.

  42. Unfortunately, I have been moving so I haven't been able to comment on every wonderful entry. Plus, I think Molly left some snarky comments, so we may have to lose some points for bad attitude.

  43. Buddy would like to vote for his sister Molly (#22) because she's making him do it.

  44. I visited everyone and gave some love to all that were possible. Your badge is on my blog because it's cute :)

  45. I entered the show and well as blogging about it!

  46. I entered the contest, I am #19! I enter every year!

  47. I left a comment on everyone's blog!

  48. My votes:
    cats: #19 (I may be a little biased)
    dogs: #34
    other pet: #35
    pet themed quilt: #22

  49. Well, let me just say, you can check my blog to see who has really left comments everywhere. I know I ran out of steam, so I commend the people who actually did it!

    And my 3 remaining votes go to:
    Dog on Quilt, #31, Kylie
    Other on Quilt, #37, the turtles
    Pet portrait, #32, Hana

    Thanks again for this fun event!

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