Monday, June 22, 2015

We have a winner!

Well, Mr. Random Number Generator had to try, try again, but on the third time, he pulled someone's name out of the hat that was not a no-reply commenter!

Yay! A special thanks to all of you who stopped back by and left your email addresses, and also to those who checked and changed their settings. You don't know how happy you make us, when we have a giveaway, and try to contact the winner, and we can just email them and say, "Congratulations!"

I hate to have to choose again....I get sad thinking about the first person who could have won. (Sniff)

(Pass me a Kleenex, will ya?)

Nothing but happiness, now! We have a winner to announce!

Mr. Random chose:
It's Shiny New Thing, who blogs over at Too Many Hobbies, Not Enough Time!  Wow, love that blog name . . . very familiar situation!

Congratulations, Shiny New Thing!
Enjoy your prizes!

Hope the rest of you are working on blocks one and two of our Cozy Afternoon project! If you haven't started, just hop over and sign up at Jacquelynne Steves'. . . . it's free!



  1. Congrats...also love the name I'm steadily working at gutting out my fabric I had surgery a week ago and I can only do snippets. Longest fabric cutting venture ever!

  2. My settings change automatically for no reason all the time and I don't normally realize I am a no-reply until someone tells me. It is so frustrating.


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