Monday, June 29, 2015

Another Pet Show sponsor! Check out these prizes from Fat Quarter Shop!

Now, calm down, Padsworth, the show doesn't start until August.....

But we sure are going to have a great show! Lots of pets, lots of quilts, and lots of great prizes to win!

The Fat Quarter Shop is joining us again!

They are providing not one, but TWO gift certificates for $50 each! TWO lucky winners will go on a shopping spree!

Wonder what they will choose?

Will they click over to the "What's New" area and choose a bundle of Kate Spain Christmas love?

Or will they see some Harvest colorway Cultivate by Bonnie Christine?

Maybe some elegant, chic Reel Time by Zen Chic:

Or perhaps our winners will have had their eyes on a kit they would love to work on:

Fat Quarter Shop also has wonderful notions for us!

Aurifil thread (it's a must-have, here at the Lilypad!) can be yours individually, or by joining the club!

Or a pack of WonderClips or a special ruler . . .

All of these things and much more are waiting for you at the Fat Quarter Shop! You might be one of our lucky winners in August!

Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop, for sponsoring our Pets Show!



  1. Hi Snoodles, love the show and the sponsors are amazing. Do we have a code yet for your button, so I can put it on my blog? Really hoping to get a quilt top done so I can get Treacle on it. Hugs, Susie x

  2. Pets on quilts...if only I could get the 4 dogs and cat off of mine...But perhaps putting their cute little bods on one may make then stay on one that is quilted just for them....


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