Thursday, June 18, 2015


This giveaway is closed, now....thank you for your interest!
I was trying to reply to all of the lovely comments on our giveaway post (scroll down to see the fun) and realized that out of the last ten comments I'd looked at, NINE of them were no-reply bloggers!!


Y'all want to win, don't you? If your settings are on no-reply, I can't email to let you know you have won!

Click on this tutorial and see how to change your settings so that I can reply to you!! Or, worst case, put your email into your comment like this:


I'm going to open up this post for the giveaway as well as the one below. (You're actually going to have another entry in the drawing!! How sweet is that?!)   Leave a comment on this post and make sure I can respond!

Maybe you will be our winner!!