Thursday, June 4, 2015

My new happy place

I have a new addiction, er, pastime, and I blame Jenny for it!

Just look at what she made me do!

And this, too!

What about this one?

I just can't seem to stop!
Actually, I don't want to . . . I have plans for these little (just 3.5 inches) cuties! These are all free patterns from a lovely, talented lady: Jenny of Elefantz!

She graciously shares many sweet and unique stitchery patterns with all of us, over at her Craftsy pattern shop. Some are freebies, and some are for purchase, at very reasonable prices.

Jenny also has a stitchery club, and it's really calling my name . . . I just may need to go and sign up for it. (Grin)

Here is another that I've enjoyed working on:

I especially love the ones with Bible verses on them. I like the idea of carrying a journal with one of these sewn into the cover, or framing one to go beside a bed.
These keep me sane and happy in the evenings. I've never been much of a television or movie watcher (well, there are a few exceptions, like older Dr. Who episodes, and classic movies starring the like of Lionel Barrymore, Charles Coburn, or Una Merkel).
I enjoy stitching these and looking at the screen just enough to keep up with the story others are watching. (Wink)

Jenny shares tutorials, too, with tips to make stitcheries just perfect, and to incorporate finished lovelies into journal covers, tea towels, and more. (I was having a difficult time with curves until I checked out her backstitching tutorial. Now I'm pretty proud of how these  curves look!)

You can find her on Pinterest, and on Facebook, too, and I think you will like what you find -- why not hop over and see what she is up to today?
In fact, if you visit her blog, you will see an adorable quilt, "Sweet Tweet," and she is offering a free pdf pattern so you can make one of your own!
But I'm warning you, you might discover that you have a new addiction, er, pastime!