Monday, May 27, 2013

Our first sponsor for the Pet Show!

We are making preparations for the upcoming Pets on Quilts Show!

Padsworth, DragonDrop, and Snoodles have all been working hard to line up sponsors and find tutorials that will help you in your quest to have the cutest pet on the bestest quilt! And also to help you, as you help homeless animals in shelters near you, by making beds and blankies! We hope that many of you will participate in the Show, and in the Padsworth Project, too!

In the coming weeks we will be bringing these tips and sponsor posts to you, to get you ready for the show . . .

This is our first show post, and we are announcing one of our fabulous sponsors:

Quilt Kit Market!

Just look at the cute things that Michele at Quilt Kit Market is donating for a prize! 

Two fabulous books -- Wearable Arf (patterns to make doggie outfits), and the Cat's Meow (quilt and project patterns), and two charm packs of Max and Whiskers by Moda! Woot!

Thanks, Michele, for starting off our Pet Show posts with a flourish!

We'll be announcing more sponsors and prizes, and telling you more about the show in the coming weeks . . . if you'd like to see what some of the entries were from our last year's show, just click here and check them out!



  1. Great. I love QKM. It sounds like this is going to be lots of fun.

  2. That was such fun last year...can't wait for this year!

  3. I just made a notation on my calendar to watch for the Pets on Quilts - now if I can only get one of those darn furries to pose this time!

  4. I've been taking pictures all year!

  5. Bullet is looking forward to another year! Great prize!

  6. Yahoo! Looking forward to the show!

  7. This is great!!! I can't wait for the show =D


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