Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Block 5 in progress, and some knitting

Did you think I had gone to sleep? (Grin)

I've been working behind the scenes and thought I should show you what I've been up to . . .

Here is a portion of my next swoon block laid out:

If I don't lay it out like this I get all confoozled and end up spending some time frogging . . . rip-it, rip-it!

And I have other skills (gasp).  I enjoy knitting and crocheting projects as well as my favorite, quilting. I've been working on a portable project to go with my dress winter coat when the weather gets cold again. (I wish it wouldn't do that, but it seems that I have very little to say about it.)

Doesn't this look cozy? It's a yarn called PompADoodle, and I had not seen it before, but then I don't get out much. (wink)  There were straight sections of yarn, and every so often a pom-pom.

What have you been up to lately? Do you keep portable projects handy? 



  1. That's funny as one of our quilting students brought this yarn in to show everyone - how cool. I am wrapping up 'deadlines' - really, they just need photo shoots, but the weather is not cooperating for some nice outside shots

  2. I've seen that yarn but had no idea what it was for -- I LOVE the way it worked up! Cozy and very pretty.

  3. My go to portable project is crocheted dish cloths. I think I have more than I need now. LOL.

  4. I need more portable projects! That is a very cozy scarf! My friends are knitting scarves, too. They are using a ribbon ( organdy or organza) that has holes punched in it. They only make four knot stitches by putting the needles in the holes. I will try to get a picture for you!


  5. So Cute! I'm trying out a new yarn called Boutique Sashay that basically looks like fishnet with a serged edge, but knits/crochets into pretty lacy swirls. This will be a scarf for my oldest daughter.

  6. That yarn looks fun and I like the next swoon block. I find I have to lay the pieces out as well. the swoon block looks great but can cause confusion.

  7. Your scarf looks so soft and squishy. I love knitting with the pom-pom yarn. I've made a few scarves but I am thinking about making a baby blanket with some soon.


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