Friday, May 17, 2013

Block 5 completed!

Yay!! I have five of the nine blocks completed now, on my Swoon quilt! I can't wait to see this completed quilt on the wall at my sweet kiddo's apartment!

I started to say that this block was my favorite one yet, but I realized you may be tired of hearing me say that. You are? OK. (Pouting) Blue is my favorite color, so this one really sings to me!

I lost a couple of my points on this block, but on the whole, I am pretty pleased with it. My pals in the Bestie Quilt Along are zooming along, but I am the "slow and steady" portion of the group!

I'm really glad that I found some time to scoot outside and get a picture for you, with much better lighting... Hope you are finding some time in your busy life to quilt!



  1. I love this block. Blue sings to me too!

  2. Five done already! This blue one is pretty

  3. This block is gorgeous! I can see why it might be your favorite!

  4. Your points and seam joins are beautiful. Very precise!


  5. I've got my first block cut out but haven't sewn it yet. I am DYING to start it but trying to finish up another quilt first. You are inspiring me!!!

  6. Blue is not my favorite color, however, that said, in THIS block it is truly stunning!


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