Friday, May 10, 2013

Quilters Favorites

I'm excited to be participating in the Quilter's Favorites linky party! (We'll be announcing our winner for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day soon -- bear with me as I get that post ready.)

We are all going to be learning from each other as we answer some thoughtful questions provided by our talented hostess, Geta Grama! You can check out her blog by clicking here.

First, she asked us:

List three of your favorite quilting notions --

Well, that was easy. First, my fav Aurifil threads! Next, my Clover "thread buryer" tool! (It's actually a tiny, tiny crochet hook that can pierce the fabric and pull the threads under the surface without leaving a mark!) And third, my Omnigrid 4.5 inch square . . . can't live without it for squaring up my half square triangles!

Next Geta asked:
Any advice for a successful color scheme for a quilt?

I guess what I do sometimes is to look at ones that I truly love; I look at the ones that sing to me, and notice how color is used. Many times that inspires me to use a similar color scheme, and since I liked the first one, I can be certain I will like the colors in mine, as well! 

Could you share some tips for easy piecing?

Whoo hoooo! I am ever so happy I got my quarter inch foot for my machine . . . boy, has it made piecing much easier! (Grin) I would definitely recommend to any beginning quilter that they get one, so they can have accurate seams, and the blocks they make will turn out the correct size!

Geta had some great questions on her list, and I had planned on answering a whole slew of them (that's a very precise term for many, many of something) but life has been getting in the way, so I will try to update this post later with some more answers!

Some thoughts about thread and needles, batting, fabrics ?
I've found that it's important to change out your needle pretty often, especially when working on a free motion quilting project. Don't ask me how I know, OK? It brings back memories that are better left buried, of rats nests, broken threads, and lots of seam ripper time! (Wink)

Do you have free tutorials on your blog? Share the link.
Yep, just click here and you can check it out!

What about modern quilting tools? Quilt software, die cutting systems, other tools? Why do you like them ?
First of all, I love to use the OleFrogEyes site. Here is a linkie to a tutorial that will tell you how it works. I enjoy sharing the progress that I make on my quilts, in a way that is easy for my buddies to access.
Secondly, I enjoy using my Accuquilt Go! Baby, since I can easily turn scraps into a great new project in less time . . . and I'm all for instant gratification!

For now, thank you, Geta for hosting such a nice party!



  1. Thanks for sharing your favorites and some tips. I have never used a 'thread buryer'...will have to check it out! And I agree...gotta love that quarter - inch foot!

  2. I can't blow that "thread burying tool" up enough to see what it is. However, I typically use a cheater needle (self-threading/easy threading) to do it with. I bought a big pack of them and use them every time I do quilting.

  3. Thread burier?!? Will have to look into THAT one, for sure! :)

  4. Have to agree the 1/4" foot is a tool every quilter should seeing all the tools folks use.

  5. Thank you for sharing - like Gene, I use the cheater needles to bury threads.

  6. I think the 1/4 inch foot is crucial for everyone. Great job!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have used a self-threading needle, too, for burying threads, but I am going to look for one of those thread burying tools. The handle my make it much easier on my hands as I have some arthritis. Maybe easier for my eyes, too ... :) Pat

  8. The 1/4" foot is priceless, and fantastic for chain-piecing, productive AND relaxing.
    Thanks for the chance!

  9. Great tips. will look for that thread burying tool.

  10. Ok, look what i just learned...I have so much to learn..thanks for those tips

  11. Thank you for linking to my party and for sharing your favorites.I would have not imagined that a crochet hook is useful for quilters- thank you for the tip!

  12. Ok, loving that thread burying tool! I need one of those!

  13. Wonderful tips. Thank you!


  14. I have a tool a lot like yours that is called a knit picker. It is like a tiny, tiny latch hook!


  15. Your tips are great and your blog is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  16. The thread burying tool looks like the tatting tool my grandma used to use. I can't even imagine crocheting with something that small! LOL!

  17. I forgot that I had the thread burying tool! Thanks for the reminder--I've been using the self threading needles--they work great too, but sometimes are hard to snap the thread into.

  18. Quarter inch foot...good to know. Thank you for your useful tips.

  19. I love Clover tools, but that's one I haven't noticed or maybe haven't seen. I'll have to get one.

  20. Thanks for sharing your tips. I am very interested in the thread buryer i will have to check it out.


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