Thursday, April 11, 2013

TA - DA !!! It's finished! Lookie!

Ah-oooogah!  Ah-oooogah!  Warning! Picture-heavy post ahead!!
First, before I show you my finish . . .

Back, by popular demand, are the boyz. Yes, we have had requests to see what Padsworth and DragonDrop are up to lately. They are a fun-loving pair, and keep things hopping here at the Lilypad!

I thought I would show you what I saw when I came to my sewing area today -- they'd been diving in my scrap bin and brought up all of the Happy Town scraps to play with!

They love the bright colors, and I do too!

I'm so glad that I was able to design a quilt around the cute panel that Jacquelynne Steves created! And now I am able to show you the finish. I am SEW excited! (Grin)

The whole front, spread out to see. . .

And here is the back. I cut my scraps into charm squares and pieced the entire back for a scrappy, happy backing.

I am in love with how the striped binding looks with the charm squares . . .

And of course, having a flowering cherry in bloom for the backdrop can't hurt, right? (Wink)

I know for a fact that my quiltie won't receive any kudos for technical merit -- my FMQ still leaves a lot to be desired! (Giggle) But I had a ball designing and making this quilt, and I hope that the fun keeps going for a child who can play with this on his or her hospital bed.

I quilted lines on the roadway to draw attention to those. I can imagine a youngster "varooming" along with a Hot Wheels car on the road, and pulling up to a stop at the light:

Then a meander in the areas of houses, fire station, school, and more:

And I outline quilted around my own design at the top -- the tow truck and bulldozer are workin' hard to get those letters in place!

Those balloons might be makin' it hard for the drivers to see where they're going!

I especially like the look of the binding when it's rolled up:

All in all, I'm happy with my results, and I'm also happy that this quiltie is winging its way to Pennsylvania, to the Henry Glass and Quilts for Kids folks. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me!! I'd love to win a prize, or just to know that my quilt was picked for the display at International Quilt Market!
But if truth be told, all of us that made quilts for this effort are winners, because we have helped out in a really great cause! I'm honored to have had the opportunity!



  1. it looks great Snoodles! I know that you are a winner - whether they pick your quilt or not!

  2. That is one real cool quilt. Great work Snoodles.

  3. Fabulous quilt! Love how you made it so special with your piecing, appliqué, and quilting. I can't imagine it not winning a prize. Well done!

  4. This is fabulous. Although if I were the child who had this I think I would want the roads up during the day and the squares up to sleep under. This is such a beautiful quilt, well done I am sure that it will be a winner.
    PS-Hi boys (waving madly!!) Make sure you clean up the scraps after you are done playing, otherwise you might get shut in the cupboard!!

  5. WOW! that looks awesome love the details, the road, the charms on the back... and naughty padsworth and dragonbreath! is the pin cushion in the back an animal or a pear? hard to tell, either way I think it was USED too to make the mess.

  6. It looks great, you did a great job, I love how you quilted the roads!

  7. Happy town is stunning! What a great way to use a panal as well.

  8. Just wonderful! Love the panel used in a setting of fun, fun, fun - and the scrappy back is just the right mix of color to please any child. Like Gene said - You are a winner for 1. participating and 2. making a quilt for a great cause.

  9. Great work, Jacque! That quilt is no doubt going to put many smiles on a child's face! Kudos for your generosity and the love you put into making this special quilt!

  10. This is terrific! Full of whimsy, color and creativity. I like what Mhairi said.. Can just see a kid enjoying the roads during the day and snuggling under the charm squares at night. To be a beloved quilt to some lucky child. Thank you so much for inspiring us with your creativity.

  11. This will make some child very happy! I love the design you added at the top. It's a super quilt!

  12. congrats on such a cute quilt. It will be loved for sure.
    good luck!

  13. Loooove it!! Thanks for all the photos - it turned out beautifully in every angle!!

  14. Your quilt is just gorgeous. What little boy (or girl) wouldn't love it!

  15. Everything about this quilt is wonderful ... fabric, deign, front. back, quilting! Congrats! Best of luck ... :) Pat

  16. It turned out so fantastic. I know that it will make a kid very happy.

  17. I love the binding! The stripes are cute. You are a winner to me! You made this with love for a sick child. I know some lucky child will love it!


  18. Your quilt turned out so great! You are going to brighten up some child's day and that makes you a winner of the best kind.

  19. What a great boy quilt....adorable and your photos of all the blossoms makes for an ideal photo shoot...we are having snow flakes and only very tight buds on our trees.....i want blossoms lol

  20. It came out GREAT! Thanks for making this quilt- I know some lucky child is going to LOVE it :)

  21. Such a happy quilt! I really love everything about it, but what a neat backing you made! I'm thinking about going through my stash and picking out some of the "what was I thinking" fabrics and cutting them into 12 inch blocks to use for backings.

    I know your quilt will make some little one very VERY happy!


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