Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Colors to dream on

God works in miraculous ways, doesn't He? I'm reminded of that every spring, when plants and flowers are renewed and blooming.

The colors we see are inspiring; colors to dream on.

Purples and touches of red . . .

Blues . . .

Lavender . . .

 Gorgeous mixes of greenery, blooms, and the warm colors of the bricks . . .

Hope springtime has arrived where you are, too!




  1. god does work in mysterious ways...we never know what the plan is...but i am left wondering why he made it snow last night...must be a reason...so i am trying to stay positive and go with god's plan this morning...so no spring has not arrived

  2. Those are beautiful irises! I have them planted in several places and they are just starting to bloom. I am always amazed at the delicate petals and all of the different shades.

  3. So envious of your gorgeous Iris! I just uncovered my perennials over the weekend and my iris are just starting to peek out of the ground. Love yours :)

  4. We won't see our Irises for another month - aren't they just truly spectacular little ladies!

  5. My neighbor's iris are in bloom and I actually get to enjoy them more than she does as it is view out the window where my sewing machine is located. Lucky me!

  6. Aren't the iris gorgeous? I love your blue one!

  7. My iris plants have all bloomed and died off. They are all white, but I'd really love to plant some other colors. Today it was not warm but HOT in Arkansas. There is a front about to push through and it will drop back down into the low 60s the rest of the week. All the azaleas in in full bloom and I fear the driving rain and wind will destroy their beauty. Makes me really appreciate them all the more. :)

  8. Your Iris plants have beautiful blooms! And you now have memories of them forever. Happy Spring, Jacque!

  9. We re expecting wind chills in the 20's later this week! I brought a Sweet 100 tomato plant home today. It may have to grow in teh kitchen!


  10. Are these flowers all outside of your house? How do you go inside??? These are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!! I think I need to re-think my flower pots. I want flowers like yours =D


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