Monday, April 15, 2013

Packing for a long trip

Now, lest you think that Padsworth, DragonDrop and Snoodles are headed off somewhere, let me show you a picture of what we are packing . . .

It's a box headed for the "Land down under" --- two pressies on board for a pair of sweet kiddos. One little lady and also a young gentleman, who can use these for snack mats! I know that their weather is the opposite of ours, so as I am enjoying the warm up of springtime, they are experiencing colder temps.
Their mommy can fix them a cup of cocoa and some cookies, and they can use these happy mats for their snack time.

I put together some of my left over Happy Town charm squares, and then used some of the border print that I had fussy cut, and these are the results:

Here is the really fun part --- for so long I have been a buy-it-where-it's-cheapest-thread-is-obviously-thread kind of I feel like I might need to wash my mouth out with soap for saying those things. (Grin)

The sweet folks at Aurifil sent me some sample packs to try (and some for an upcoming giveaway, too!) and I am floored by the incredible difference! Here is the one I picked first:

And here are the glorious colors inside:

I chose the limey green one, and wound a bobbin and threaded up my trusty machine . . .

I COULD NOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE!!  (Pant, pant...I'll stop shouting and waving my arms now.)
Really, the fact that they sent me some thread to use did not impact my opinion. I'll tell you what did!

My FMQ went terrifically --- smooth as a warm knife through butter; I was gliding along and had never a break, never a rats nest on the back, and (are you ready for this?) absolutely NO lint building up at all!

I am in love with my Aurifil thread, and this is going on my must-have list for my piecing and my quilting, too!
Here is the proof:

Aurifil makes even MY free motion work look good! (Whispering) Don'tcha love that stripey binding again?

So, Mhairi, I'm not sure when I will make it to the post office to send these off, but these are for your sweet little ones . . . and here is one more photo of the boyz, waving to you and your kiddos:

(Some of you may recall that Mhairi is actually the creator-mommy of DragonDrop; she made him and sent him here to the Lilypad, and we love him dearly!) 

More Lilypadquilting fun is on the way -- check in soon for that giveaway from the fabulous folks at Aurifil!




  1. I use Aurifil for all of my piecing and a lot of my quilting too. Glad you are loving it!

  2. I just love the colours of the threads. If I got a box set like that I think I would just keep looking at it!

  3. I've never tried Aurifil but I've been told there's nothing like it. I'm that woman who buys thread where she can in a small town. You know, the kind that is cheap and makes lots of lint...heavy sigh...

  4. adorable mini quilts! so funny, I have been wondering what is so special about aurifil thread since everyone blogs about it. now I will have to try it for myself! it must be nice.

  5. I like the small mats. That's a great idea.

    The Aurifil threads are so nice. I have used several of them, but wish they were more easily available for us.

  6. oh boy, I use cheap thread... maybe I should switch....

  7. Your snack mats are adorable and absolutely perfect!!!! I really love them. I've never tried Aurifil threads before. You're kind of making me feel like I should =P

  8. I don't use cheap thread, but I've never used Aurfil...always wanted does the stuff hold up to multiple passes during FMQ? I use isacord right nOw and love it! Also use PolyX.....Sulky thread, while beautiful in color selection, is as crappy as Coats and Clark! It won't even hold up to being threaded into a self threading needle!
    Happy sewing!

  9. THat is a neat package. I am sure the kiddos will enjoy it!


  10. Isn't it amazing what the right tools for a job can do for you?!

  11. So cute and so thoughtful. They'll like those.

  12. How very sweet. The little ones are going to love them.

  13. I can't wait for them to arrive. Thanks so much Snoodles, Padsworth and Dragondrop. I sure do wish you were all in the package too coming for a holiday but I guess the mats will work until they work out a cheaper option to international travel.
    Thanks so much for thinking of us. Hugs all round.

  14. I love Aurifil but I wish it wasn't so expensive.

  15. I have just received some Aurifil and can't wait to try it.


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