Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting the binding ready

Remember my Happy Town quilt?

I'm scrambling to get it finished so that I can send it off to the folks at Henry Glass Fabrics, for the Quilts for Kids effort.

It's been quilted (I'll show you that later) and it's ready for binding.

I had some lovely striped fabric left from the Happy Town collection. I do love me a striped binding. I also love a narrow binding!


I cut my strips just 2 inches wide -- I can hear some of you gasping in disapproval, but I really do like how it turns out.

I found a great tutorial at Cherry House Quilts, and joining the strips was a lot easier than my last project! Check this out if you like the look of a narrow binding.  (Thank you, Cherri!)

Personally, I like the binding to appear full, and when I have done a wider binding, part of it seems to be full, and part of it seems empty!
Don't you love the stripes?

I'll be taking some photos before I send the quilt off, so I hope to show you those soon!