Monday, April 22, 2013

Secret life of WHAT??

Calling all Pinterest fans . . . please vote by re-pinning!
The folks at WeAllSew are having a contest for fabric designs . . .

Check this out (and then please go and repin it!!!)

Here is the link to the Pinterest contest location: 

If you click there, our entry is down near the bottom of the page....

Isn't it fabulous? Well, of course I am a little prejudiced, since the designer is none other than Elby, the admin of our blog and our design wall over at OleFrogEyes, and she happens to be my sweet kiddo!

The novelty fabric that she designed is called, "The Secret Lives of Ice Cream."  There are a lot of different flavors, shapes and personalities inside that freezer at the grocery store . . .

Dare I say it? There's even --  --  --  ROMANCE! (Wink)

Check out the flirty relationships:

See the ice cream sandwich with his wrapper craftily opened to show his physique? And the ice cream bar next to him appears to be thinking, "Eh? So what!"  She is so not impressed.

Ahh, but look at the chocolate covered ice cream treats that ARE impressed with him . . . see all the hearts? They think he is WONDERFUL!!

And check out the dancing going on in this area -- the waffle cone and the sprinkles are absolutely having a party!

The other ice cream cone is crying, and trying valiantly to hold things together, but the spork is terrified that things may fall apart!  "I should do something to help, no?"

And I hope the judges notice how the pattern can repeat across the fabric . . . see the cup of dippin' dots? I believe he is head over heels in love with the soft serve next to him (see his eyes?) and the dots are going everywhere!

I love novelty fabrics, and I hope you do, too. I hope you will take a moment to go and repin the entry, so that the judges will notice all of this ice cream cuteness!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out a fledgling fabric designer! Who knows, maybe she can win, and you can say, "I knew her when!"