Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We make a beautiful pear . . .

Update: This is the final day to enter our Fort Worth Fabric Studio giveaway, so click here to go and enter....

Yes, we are a beautiful pear. Me and my new pincushion, that is!

It's funny that I drooled over this on the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap group on Flickr, and wanted it for my very own. Then a box arrived that was filled with gorgeous modern fabric yumminess --- and this beauty:

I'm so happy it found its way to me!! 

These are lovely scraps -- I see some well-known lines in this pretty pile-up!

And just look. Let's give the pear a chance to shine. Here you go, pear --- a starring role for you. Let everyone see how pretty you are!

Now I will be searching the internet for a pattern . . . I want to make one, too! It's so cute! 
A big thank you to Leona for organizing a super swap!
Have you enjoyed any swaps lately?




  1. Love the "PEAR".. Lovely scrappy gift and you also have some nice fabrics..
    I am still stalking my mailman for my...

  2. Hi
    I love your pear. Here is the pattern for it in case you want to make another one. http://www.heatherbaileystore.com/product-p/sp001-fp.htm (Includes pattern & instructions for a pear, an apple, a tomato, and two strawberry pincushions)
    Big hugs to Padsworth! Hope that he is getting enough attention with all that loveliness you received. I imagine that it would make a comfortable nest.

  3. I don't usually have time to mail swaps so I haven't joined any. Sadly that is why my Etsy account is so bare.

  4. That is the cutest pear ever!!! Lucky!!! Please share if you do find a pattern!!!

  5. Swapping is the best! Fun to make, fun to receive, and always an adventure.

  6. That pin cushion is "pear-fect" I have joined a mug rug swap and a block swap........what a wonderful way to meet new friends!

  7. What a great pear! I love it! How does Padsworth feel about the addition and all the attention it is receiving? :)

  8. What a darling pin cushion!!!! I am sure it will get a lot of use!


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