Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brand New Sponsor! (And a giveaway!)

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed...thank you for your interest! 
Woot! I'm so excited to introduce you to our newest sponsor --- their button has been on our left-hand sidebar for a while, but today we're ready to introduce you to Fort Worth Fabric Studio!!

The reason I am so excited about Jodie and Fort Worth Fabrics joining our Lilypad team is that this online store has so very much to offer! We quilters have an insatiable appetite for new and beautiful fabrics, ay? (I see heads nodding everywhere --- if you're like me you need to be careful about that, or people might hear your last few marbles rolling around in there. But I digress.)

Fort Worth Fabric Studio is a totally online store. Jodie makes it a point to bring in the latest and loveliest fabric lines from Moda, Riley Blake, Michael Miller, and more. 

You'll find scads of gorgeous traditional fabrics, and lots of novelty fabrics and holiday offerings, too.

Need strip packs or bundles of batiks? They're here. 

Extra-wide backing fabrics? Got those, too.

You might not believe me about all of this fabric variety, so go to this link and check it out! You'll have two choices --- a drop down menu, or do like I did . . . scroll down and scroll down, and, and, well, you get the picture! There are a lot of goodies there!

Fort Worth Fabrics has an interactive design wall, too, so that you can mix and match your fabric choices and make certain you are ordering just the right fabrics for your special project.

That's a screen shot, showing how you can compare fabrics and choose the perfect ones (Riley Blake fabrics are featured there).
Are you a bargain hunter? (Aren't we all?) Fort Worth Fabrics has Bargain Bundles, One Piece Left, and super sales categories, like $4.00 per yard!!  

Fort Worth Fabric Studio has a heart and believes in paying it forward; making a contribution to worthy causes is important to Jodie. That's why you will find several worthwhile charities listed on her site, as she tries to help out and make a difference.
Here's another cool thing about Fort Worth Fabrics: every Friday, Jodie pulls together a really great bundle of fabrics, and offers that group for a super price! Some of them are themed bundles; some are grouped by color -- but they are all fabulous! Here is an example:

Speaking of fabulous . . . Padsworth, I was not really referring to you, but yes, you are fabulous, too (the things I put up with around here) . . . I want to show you a truly drool-worthy bundle that Fort Worth Fabric Studio is offering to one lucky Lilypadquilter! It's especially for us!

It's called Pink Lemonade . . .  will you just look at that? All those pinks, grays, and then the lemon-lime! There are fabrics there from Henry Glass, Michael Miller, Moda, Timeless Treasures, Free Spirit, Riley Blake and more (you can click on this link to see the entire list).  I told you it was drool-worthy!
Want to see it closer? (What a temptress I am!)

FIFTEEN glorious fat quarters! Thank you, Jodie, for such a generous giveaway!

How can you win these, you ask? Ahhh, here's how:

(Please keep in mind that doing only one of these is fine. You WILL be entered in the giveaway. However, if you wish to increase the "giveaway vibes" and increase your chances of winning, you can do as many of these as you would like to do!)

1. If you are a follower here, comment telling me so.
2. Follow Fort Worth Fabric Studio blog, and let me know.
3. While you're at the blog, leave her some comment love; tell me. 
4. Sign up for the Fort Worth Fabric Studio newsletter. Click here to hop over there. Tell me you did.
5. Check out the online catalog and tell me what you see there that really gets your motor running!
6. "Like" Fort Worth Fabric Studio on Facebook and tell me.
7. Help us spread the word: blog, tweet, or post on Facebook about our giveaway! Leave me a comment that tells me, and gives me the URL where I can find it!

Whoo hoooo! This is exciting! We'll leave this giveaway open for a week, so it will end on next Tuesday, September 18, and we'll announce our winner on Wednesday, OK?

Let the comments begin!