Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Modern scrap swap

I was honored to be included in the invitations for Leona's (Leona's Quilting Adventures blog) modern fabric scrap swap, and thought I would show you what is winging it's way to my swap partner. 

She asked for a zippered pouch for her little boy to carry his projects in --- how could I resist? Anybody that is already brainwashing, er, indoctrinating, er encouraging the creative process with fabrics and threads in their little ones is OK in my book! After all, that's what I did, too! (Grin)

Here is his new pouch:

Lots of bright fabrics --- animals and vehicles.  I don't think she follows my blog, so it is safe to show it!

Here are the scraps . . . five inch charms of lots of modern fabrics, in a rainbow of colors!

Sure hope they like 'em!

See you again soon - there's always something goin' on here at the Lilypad!



  1. A gorgeous puch for a little fella.
    Would you believe I have also used the bright dogggy fabric for my swap partner.
    Lovely scraps too.....

  2. I would say that the little guy will love his pouch!

  3. That's a very nice pouch for a little guy! He'll love it! Be sure to show us what comes in the mail for you!!

  4. Anyone would like that little pouch! I keep thinking I'll buckle down and try to make one of those and I just put it off and put it off. I've never been fond of doing zippers...

  5. What little guy could love that? What fun!!!

  6. That's gonna be a good mail day for that little guy!

  7. nice pouch.I made one one for my grandson out of some fabric from joannes fabric store. I used a in- the- hoop zip bag from five star fonts that I showed on my blog. those bags are so fun to make!

  8. I am SURE they will like them! Who wouldn't!?!?!?!?

  9. CUTE!!! I love the little froggies fishing on the lily pad!!!


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