Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm baaaaack! With a mystery!

Sorry that it's been quiet here at the Lilypad for a couple of days.....been a lot going on here, and now I'm ready to catch up!

Padsworth has been intrigued by my current project, so I thought I would give you peeps a sneaky peek at it, and then show it to you tomorrow. 

What do you think this will be???

On a side note, please don't be like me, and let this much crud build up in your machine . . . Gack!

And I thought cats were the ones that coughed up hairballs! Eep!  Be sure to open up your sewing machine and clean it out fairly often --- don't wait like I did!

More on the mystery project tomorrow!



  1. I'm picturing a pumpkin patch!

  2. I was told to always clean my sewing machine after every quilt I finish.

  3. hmm.. pumpkins make more sense, but I am thinking an orange cat

  4. Something orange! ;O)
    I'm tired...way too tired.

  5. Me thinks it is a orange cat!

  6. Looks interesting! I think the sewing machine and the wheels on my sewing chair can collect more stuff that anything else in my house.

  7. My cat is a little fearful every time I clean out my machine. She is also a little jealous at the hairballs my machine can put out...

  8. P.S. I am excited to see what the project is!


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