Sunday, September 16, 2012

Remember Service Men and Women campaign

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Padsworth and I are all in for the Remember our Service Men and Women campaign over at HopefulThreads and SewBittersweetDesigns . . .

I found some really happy fabric in my stash, and I made a pillowcase! I hope that whoever receives this will not think of it as being for a younger person, but will instead get a smile from it!

Ready? It stars our old friend, happy-dancer-extraordinaire, Snoopy!

Here is the finished pillowcase:

I'm off to score some more fabric from my stash --- I'm either going to make another pillowcase, or maybe an e-reader cover, from one of Melissa's great tutorials!

Join us, won't you? We'd love to have over one hundred gifts to send over!




  1. I bet this will make a soldier smile for sure.

  2. I know it would make me smile. LOL. I bought a Peanuts Tervis tumbler because I saw it in the store and smiled!

  3. What a great pillowcase! It is sure to put a smile on a service man or woman's face!

  4. Love love love this! Thank you so much!


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