Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One more day to enter! Pets on Quilts update!

Just a friendly reminder that today is the final day to enter our exciting sponsored giveaway. . . The Intrepid Thread is providing our winner with two charm packs of lovely Coquette, by Chez Moi for Moda!
Feast your peepers on this:

You can click here to jump through hyper-space (can you tell I've been watching sci-fi?) and enter to win!

Here's the Pets On Quilts Show update:  yet another way to earn an entry for the cavalcade of prizes from our awesome sponsors!

Click here to go to my personal file cabinet over at Google docs, and you can print out a flyer for the show. Print out more than one if you like! You can give this to a quilt guild buddy, or leave it at your local quilt shop --- you will advance through the ranks and achieve PR Angel status more quickly! (Grin)

You can also just download it and then email to some of your buddies . . . either way you are helping to spread the word and make our show even better!

You should already know by now, that you can grab our badge from the right-hand side bar, and post it on your blog for one entry in the giveaway in August, so be sure to do that, too! It's painless. It's easy. And it might get you some really neato prizes. (Neato. That is a word I haven't used in a while. It just popped out. Bear with me, OK?)

So, help us spread the word, be working on a quilt featuring an animal, or be posing your furbabies on a quilt and snapping photos! Then you'll be ready for our show in August!

(Mumbling) Neato. I can't believe I said that one.



  1. Well, gollygee what's wrong with neato?

  2. Have my posters for tonight's guild meeting.

  3. I'd be happy to email this over to my art quilt group. And I'll bring a few to my quilt guild meeting next week. Looking forward to the show!

  4. I thought I'd share a quilt on pet rather than pet on a quilt for fun here since it won't be my entry :)

  5. Added the Pet Show badge to my blog. And I follow your blog on Reader. Also signed up for the Intrepid Thread newsletter. Beautiful fabric there.


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