Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blocks with a bonus

I spent some of my time during May for Me working on my "Blossom" quilt using Butterscotch and Roses fabrics. 
You can click on this link if you want one of your own....our sponsor, the fabulous Fat Quarter Shop has these bundles in stock!

The Blossom pattern is by Joanne Figueroa, and she is the designer of the fabrics, too!

When we participated in SewMamaSew's giveaway day, some new folks joined our Lilypad community, and some of you mentioned that you were new to our addiction, er, craft. I thought I would show you the bonus that I'm getting when I make these blocks . . . 

I have a ten inch square (Note for rookies: you can get a stack of those in what is called a layer cake.) and I cut five inch squares from a contrasting fabric, like so:

I draw a line from corner to corner on the five inch square. See it?

Next, I place the smaller square (right sides together) on one corner of the larger square, and sew on the marked line.

I come screeching to a halt at the end of the line, and raise the presser foot and gently pull the squares out about an inch . . . that pulls a little of the thread out toward me, giving me some slack. Next, I sew a second line of stitching about one quarter inch away from the first, and cut between the lines. (Pssst! Those lines are enhanced so you can see 'em better . . . I don't actually mark them that much!!)

UPDATE:  One of our special Lilypad followers has mentioned that if you do this my way, you will create a one-eighth seam instead of one quarter. This has worked OK for me, but if it is outside of your comfort zone, you could always move over a little further for your second seam....you would just end up with a slightly smaller HST. No worries there.)

You veterans will know that I am creating a bonus half square triangle block for myself here, but our special peeps, our rookies, will find this interesting, I think. I may even rope one or two of them into trying this -- and end up with yet another HST quilter in our midst. 
I R Devious, R I not? (Wink)

Now, with this block, each time I make a "petal" for my blossoms, I also get three bonus blocks . . . I have quite a stack here now!! 

I'm pondering just how to incorporate these into my design. They might add a nice border, but I might also use them to create a whole different quilt --- perhaps a lap or throw quilt size.

I think I shall have to wait until I get some of the petals joined with the lattice, or sashing, and then decide on how to use my bonus blocks!



  1. I did that just this weekend, making snowball blocks. I got 4 HSTs for ever block so I had lots of bonus pieces. I am using some of them in the pieced backing.

  2. Seriously have not seen this trick. Very cool. I think for me it could be some time before I HST again (well, thought so before I saw this) but it is a flexible block!! I think you will certainly have more HST quilters with this!

  3. Well you just taught me something new Miss Snoodles!! Thanks for that information and instruction. I'm anxious to see the rest of the story...

  4. When you cut between the two lines the resulting seam margin ends up around 1/8th each...is there any durability issue with that as the quilt(s) get used and washed? Great idea if it all works out.

  5. I was thinking that you could use it for the border too!!! but a new quilt would also be lovely!!! That is such a neat trick =D

  6. Oh, that fabric stack looks so pretty! I'm excited to see your quilt top...and how you play with your extra bonus blocks too. That's a great tip to get those bonus blocks readied for a bonus project.

  7. Love this technique! Can't wait to see your final design :)

  8. Well for heaven's sake! I just learned a new trick! Don't I feel cool now! Thanks for the great trick for this new addict, I mean, crafter!!! ;-)


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