Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another post about those bonus HSTs...

Remember those bonus blocks that I got whilst working on my Blossom quilt? I have received some sweet comments from some rookie quilters -- they've told me that they appreciate the series of posts I've been writing. 
I'm trying to make sure that they can avoid some of the obstacles that really threw me for a loop!

(Remember? Your first line of stitching is for the quilt block, but you stitch again just a little ways over, and cut between the two lines of stitches.)

Just a quick note here, rookies: when you slice off those half square triangle blocks, and you are ready to square them up?  Don't use steam!!  Not at first, anyway.

When your block looks like this, use a dry iron (turn off the steam) and press it flat, first. Then open it out and press the seam (I usually press toward the darker fabric, so it doesn't show as much) without pulling on it. You can really distort it, and get it severely wonkified if you are not careful.  (Ask me how I know.  Or take pity on me and don't ask.  Just nod, knowingly, and pat my hand.)

After you get it nice and flat, if you want to you can use a bit of steam to coax it into submission, er, make sure it stays flat!

Then you square it up, like we did in this post.

Now you are ready to have fun!  I mean it! This is so much fun . . . there are so many things you can do with these bonus blocks.

Look, here is option number one:

Pinwheels! There's a classic for you. Lots of movement when you put those as a border. You can see that Padsworth loves his HST blocks. . . he's hugging them, whilst he tells me how to arrange them.

Next, you can line them up this way:

Or this way:

Or even this way:

You can even arrange them this way:

Now do you see why I say they are a lot of fun? Of course, my studio cat was not as excited as Padsworth was, with all of these options . . . Moses was suddenly overcome with the urge to nap. 

I'm not quite sure which way I'll use mine, but I am certain that I like how my Blossom quilt is coming along.  Click here to go to the gallery and check it out!

Do you like the colors you saw there for the lattice and the intersection blocks? Or do you like it better with this color option?  (This is a super easy switch with the OleFrogEyes software!)

Tell me what you think!  
Me? I hafta go and coax Padsworth into letting go of my HST blocks!!

Come back here, you rascal!!



  1. Some great ideas for those HST but my are very small...
    Got luck chasing Padsworth.
    Love the cat....

  2. Clearly your cat had a hard day that day! Gave me a giggle!

  3. You can play with alone or add them to squares or rectangles to make other blocks (bear claws, clover buds,Jacob's Ladder) Just do an image search of 'quilt blocks that use half square triangles' for inspiration.

  4. I love using those bonus HSTs on the back of the quilt. In a day or so I will have a picture of my current one (front and back) ..there are bonus HSTs on the backing.
    I think I mixed the first "line them up" with the second one.

  5. I love HST quilts!! I just wish that I had been saving all of my bonus ones all these years! The tiny ones are great for miniature quilts!! :-)

  6. LOL Moses is cracking me up laying with his head like that!!! I learned another new thing. I didn't know that you pressed them before opening and pressing them!!! Thanks for teaching me another new trick!!!

  7. Love it! I am not really a pieced, but more of an appliqué gal. It is nice to see these options all on one screen! Thanks!

  8. Thank you so much Padsworth for all your hard work! (You too Snoodles :) ) Your cat is beautiful.

  9. Well, did ya catch the little rascal? LOL Those bonus HSTs are a great idea and you've got some wonderful options for designing with them! Fantastic inspiration today! Thanks!

  10. What wonderful tips and variations...thanks!

  11. Holy cow!!! I have been using steam at all times...newbie that I am. Don't get too mad, Padsworth...I'll learn, I promise! Love the ideas for using the HST's. I am going to use one of them in a border...I can feel it!! Thank you again from the newbs!!! :)

  12. Padsworth, surely you can find a way to create a likeness of you or a fly.
    If you are struggling I guess you could return them and see what your amazing talented owner can come up with. I love the last one on the computer.

  13. What a little Rapscallion Padsworth is!!! I love this series, I don't think of myself as a rookie, and I'm still enjoying these posts. Sewing the extra seam is something I should start doing, I have always just sew the little HSTs after I finished all my cutting.

  14. It's pretty awesome what all patterns/designs can come out of those little half square triangle blocks. :)

  15. I've been making a snowball quilt and I just ransacked file 13 (my garbage can in my sewing room) for all the cut off triangles.... thanks for the timely reminder that those can be used! I love the idea of sewing them before cutting them off! Easy Peasy!! Hugs!
    Thing I

  16. I've not done much with HST's but am planning to attempt with some doll quilts. I think it's a nice place to start. Now I've got to go see what else you've been up to teaching around here because I need all the help I can get. I am a rookie at most things quilting!


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