Friday, June 1, 2012

Can you hear the trumpets?

You can hear them, can't you? An announcement as important as this absolutely MUST be accompanied by fanfare and flourishes!

Hmmm . . . try this musical link . . . no worries; it will open in a new tab. Click on the button to play, and then whilst it is playing, hop back over here to continue reading.  Of course, if you are at work, and can't listen, we understand. (Wink)

You're back? Good!

We've had numerous requests during our first year or so, for added functionality at the OleFrogEyes virtual design wall. Specifically, you've asked us if it's possible to have drag-and-drop options to move your quilt blocks around on the design wall. 

I think our graphic is so cute I'm going to show him again . . . this is Padsworth's second cousin, I believe . . . 

Get it? Draganddrop? Heehee!

It's ready, Lilypadquilters!! Check it out!!

We haven't completed all of the details in the tutorials for it yet, but here's a clue for you subscribers: you'll see a green icon on your blocks --- it'll look like a wrench that you fix things with. You click on that and you'll have the ability to move a block, or to just delete it.  I know there were some of you that told us you were waiting for drag and drop, and then you would join in on the fun! 

So, whatcha waitin' for? An engraved invitation? Well, there you go! You are hereby invited to join us in the OleFrogEyes quilting community! I promise you will find the members to be a happy bunch, ready to comment and encourage you in your efforts!

Many thanks to our admin, Elby, for her dedicated (and usually wee-hour) efforts to make this possible --- it would never (ever) have happened without her hard work and expertise!! She speaks several computer languages, and was able to fit this project in between her other endeavors, so let's all give Elby a cheer!!  Ribbit!!

I hope that we'll see more quilters starting subscriptions to the design wall!  It's priced very reasonably, at about the cost of one fat quarter per month! And you can have up to SIX quilts going at one time for that same low price!  Auditioning colors is as easy as pie, er, as easy as falling off a lilypad! 
There are two tutorials accessible on the site: one for manipulating your photos of blocks, and the other for creating your quilt. And if you have problems, there's a bell cord on the left side of the page that you can pull -- Elby (or I) will answer your questions as quickly as we can!



  1. Has Padsworth fallen off a lilypad, I missed him today! I hope that he isn't too jealous of dragondrop. This sounds like a great addition to the software.

  2. Please give Elby a hug from me! This is awesome! Now we can easily audition placement, as well as sashing colors, cornerstones, etc. Whooohooooo!! :)

  3. So excited!!! And oh my gosh! I LOVE Dragandrop - how stinking cute is he! I ordered my subscription last night :) Can't wait to test drive tonight!


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