Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You can tell it's been raining . . .

. . .  when you see Padsworth stretched out on a pile of fat quarters, trying to "catch some rays" under a lamp!

Hope your day is sunny!


PS Are you searching for squares for your Bingo card? Be sure to check out Marcia's post here, for a special offer!


  1. Made me laugh. Thanks for the smile of the day. :-)

  2. HA ha, what a great spot Padsworth found.

  3. LOL, that was my smile for the day

  4. Looks like a great pile of fat quarters! Lucky Padsworth!

  5. Good old Padsworth. I hope he doesn't get burned!

  6. LOL!!! I thought he passed out from fat quarter overload =P I'm glad he's just sunning himself =D

  7. First thing I thought when I saw that is that is how my pregnant wife feels just sticks her arms and legs out and lays on her back and moans. She is down to the last few weeks now.



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