Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martingale Books -- It's a Happening Place!

Martingale and Company is our newest sponsor at Lilypadquilting, and I’m really impressed with their brand new web site and online store.

They also sent me a book to check out, and I want to show it to you:

It’s called Fast and Fun First Quilts – 18 Projects for Instant Gratification.

Hey, with a title like that, I know two things right off: first, I’m going to like it because I do enjoy a project that can be easily done in my lifetime. (Grin)  Second, the author is a quilter who understands my needs for “instant gratification” . . . blocks that work up quickly, and that are user friendly when it comes time to put them together into a quilt!

This book would be excellent for wantobes and veteran quilters alike; no one is immune to the “make it quick and easy” bug. Wantobes need projects that are simple enough for their skill set, but turn out to be quilts that really look great!  Veterans can always use a easy pattern for a quilt-in-a-rush situation, whether it’s for a birthday you almost forgot, or a call for quilts for a charity. Fast and Fun First Quilts will be your go-to manual for all of the above!

The author, Sara Deipersloot, utilized two techniques to make eighteen projects that all look different – no cookie-cutter quilts here.

First, she shows us projects that utilize large blocks in simple settings – like this one, where pieced sashings alternate with large squares of a focus fabric.

This is a great way to use two coordinating fabrics that you really like together, and with blocks that measure 6 inches by 8 inches, your quilt top is ready in no time flat!

Here's another example of large blocks that will make up a nice-sized top, really quickly:

With a fabulous floral like that one, those large blocks are a super way to focus attention on your lovely fabric! 

The second strategy the author uses is to take a focus fabric and let it shine in a large center section, and then make pieced blocks to go all around it.

Got a novelty fabric that is a large scale print, and you want to use it for your top? Never fear. Try this layout for some instant quilting joy:

Just pull some fabric colors from the center square for your pieced stars, and then add a border and you're done!

I hope you'll forgive my photography skills - kinda hard to get the lighting right, hold the book open, and snap a photo, all at the same time!

Martingale and Company revealed their new web site just recently, and they're celebrating their 35th birthday, too! I hope you will check out their site, and look over on the left-hand side for their blog's RSS feed button . . . you'll be in the know when they have sales (which they do, pretty often) or when they have new releases (they make a habit of doing that, too!). 

The blog, called "Stitch This" is wonderful -- lots of good content and (here's the magic word) giveaways!! As their site says . . . freebies, news, contests and chit-chat. One of the bloggers is Jenny, who is the author of another awesome Martingale book, called Resew --- all about giving thrift store bargains new life as new-to-you pieces of high style apparel. I've been following her personal blog, the Wild Cards, for some time now --- she's very talented, and lots of fun to know!
And . . . if you subscribe to their blog, you will get SIX free E-patterns! (What? Are you still here? Go ahead and click to go over there, already!!)

Padsworth and I are wishing you a "hoppy" sewing day!



  1. Good morning Snoodles! I'm all for instant gratification right now. I need to be planning some charity quilts and have lost my mojo in that department. Simple, easy and quick patterns are what I need right now! I did go to the Martingale site and signed up. I hope it will give me lots of inspiration. Thanks for a great post!

  2. Too amazing, I noticed that book instantly in a quilt shop I visited recently! If I had the $ I would've considered the book, because the cover quilt is amazing!

    Going to check out their site. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Look s like a great book. I love patterns that can be made up quickly and use stash fabric.

  4. Congrats on the new sponsor and thanks for the great review!!!

  5. Great review and congrats on your new sponsor!!

  6. Congratulations on Martingale as a sponsor. I do like their books. Thanks for the review and information - please enter as this book sounds like a good one to use with my little grandniece.

  7. Goodness it looks like a great book! I love quilt books and Martingale has some great ones. I'm already subscribed to their blog and enjoying their posts. blessings, marlene


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