Monday, March 5, 2012

Hop on over to SewBittersweet Designs!

Today, Melissa at SewBittersweet Designs is doing us the honor of reviewing our Ole Frog Eyes site --- the virtual design wall for quilters.

It takes up absolutely no space on your wall.

It doesn't require you to spread your blocks on the floor, and then hope that your toddler, your pets, or the gremlins that took up residence in your stash will mess them up!

It is reasonably priced.

I hear what you are thinking. Did you know that I could do that? Did you think your mom was the only one who had that special power? (wink)

You're thinking, "Well, she thinks it's a great site because her daughter is the one that wrote the software -- so she's prejudiced and she would think it was wonderful, even if it wasn't."   Au contraire, little bear!

But if you still think that, check out what Melissa has to say . . . she's not related to us, and she still likes it! (Grin)

So, hop on over there and read her post --- you might even win a free trial month membership!



  1. I don't just like it. I love it! It is a great product!

  2. Are you giving away a 12 month membership or a 1 month membership? Melissa's blog says 1 month for 2 winners.


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